MBT @ Burgh XII 2018 **3rd Place**


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Hey BTF, here is our 3rd place performance from Bhangra In the Burgh XII! This was MBT's first time at Burgh since 2009 and we had a wonderful weekend alongside some of the top teams in the circuit. S/O to First Class and Furteelay for bringing the heat and their respective 1st and 2nd place performances. It was great to see TAG return to the circuit and see our collegiate friends Illini, Cornell, and DRP for great performances as well, can't wait for Blowout ;) Please feel free to leave any positive or negative feedback regarding this performance, as we are continuously looking to improve!

Red: Jesse Mangat & Megha Ramappan
Ferozi: Shawn Matharu & Rohitha Polasani
Pinki: Jovan Jande & Akshaya Rajkumar
Purple: Puneet Dhatt & Anusha Basana
Royal: Karan Bains & Priya Mathews
Green: Chanpreet Singh & Prerana Shenoy


Mix by KM, Legitamit, & MSB, these guys did a wonderful job with the mix and we can't thank them enough!
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Yoooo first off congratulations on the placing guys it was definitely well deserved. Probably one of your cleanest performances I have seen save for circle city performance last year. Shoutout to Shawn, Megha and Karan yall were going in the whole time really killed it with nakhra, modhe and everything going in. The phulkari mechanism yall had was soooooo hot, gave me goosebumps when i saw it.

Overall impressions of the set, def thought you guys were lacking a little bit energy wise. Certain people had it thorughout, others only brought it when they were in the front, as opposed to circle city where everyone was going in the whole time. For me also there was just a lot of points where you would stop and then restart like youd hit a move, pause and then hit a drop or another step after so it felt a little repetitive after the second or third time.

Those are just my initial thoughts from watching it, i can't wait to see what yall bring next semester!!


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Set and mix were really really good. I remember watching it on the live stream and being really impressed with how well the set was made. Formations were executed really well with a ton of movement. Good stuff!

Just a few critiques:
-The transition into jhummar seemed abrupt both mix and choreo wise, so maybe try cleaning that up a bit. Song selection and choreo in jhummar were dope, but I was expecting the end of it to be a unique jhummar drop instead of phul punjabs. Just didn't think that drop fit the song very well.

-The mix for daang chaal was sick, but if you guys are going to get low before the chaal counts start I feel like everyone needs to get like Folk Loverz level low. I liked your guys chaal last season more because the drop had more of that out of nowhere effect.

-I saw the two circles rotating formation twice (end of jhummar and in the segment after daangs) but I still liked it in both segments. I'd say only do it once. Phumniyan could've hit harder if you had Megha and Priya splitting center for those first two counts instead of having the two lines on the sides of stage.

Dancing was sick! I didn't think there was a huge drop in energy even with such a fast paced set and everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun on stage. I'm sure if you slowed the set down a bit the dancing would look even better. I thought the girls did really well especially when they were in the front for anything. I'd say to keep pushing the guys to extend their arms more (if you pause at 6:27 and look at Karan's arm compared to everyone else in the line you'll see what I mean) in the non prop segments and to dance wider throughout the set. Props to Puneet! Haven't seen him before but he looked really solid and I'm excited to see him improve in future videos.

Well deserved placing. Karan and Chan could both use some work though :/ Keep up the amazing work MBT!

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It is always a pleasure to see my Alma Mater continue to succeed in Bhangra! You guys have continued to dominate in the circuit to this day not only collegiality, but overall in the Bhangra circuit. Right now you guys appear to be the best collegiate team at the moment and should definitely make a run for Blowout this year. I think the goal moving forward is to begin to aim to beat some of the best independent teams in the circuit (e.g: Furteelay, FCB, VSB, and etc.) I am really excited to see how you guys do in the second half of this year. #foreverandalwaysgoblue