Michigan Bhangra Team Boiler Bhangra 2013-2nd Place


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Hello everyone,

Here is our video from Boiler Bhangra. Special thanks to our liaisons Anuja Chandrana and Chandani Bhatt. They made our stay easier and more fun by going above and beyond. Props to Purdue SASA for holding such a well run first year competition. Boiler Bhangra was one of the most organized and enjoyable comps we have been to in a while. I would like to congratulate BU bhangra on first place. it was great getting to meet all of you. Hope to see you guys at future competitions.

I would like to thank our three captains Rushi, Shelley, and Upahvan. You guys are great leaders and amazing dancers. Without you three, I would not have my love for Bhangra that I have today. Your energy both on and off stage is what drove me throughout the year. You guys were able to take a team of 50 percent new dancers and make us into one cohesive unit. I hope that I can dance with you three again.

Here are the jodis:

Red Guys: Rushi Surati and Pratik Lakhani
Red Girls: Upahvan Rai and Shelley Kaur
Blue Guys: Amaraj Judge and Sartaj Judge (Judge Squared)
Blue Girls: Sonali Gupta and Archana Sundar (The Tinkers)
Yellow Guys: Alec Hershey and Sahab Grover
Yellow Girls: Ashna Khanna and Anjali Garg

The Michigan Bhangra Team at Boiler Bhangra 2013 - 2nd Place

As always, positive/negative feedback is much appreciated.


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I don't think the execution was as clean or refined as last year, but I really really like the direction the team has gone in stylistically over the last few years and especially this year. This was (for me at least) my favorite MBT set in recent memory.


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I think this was a great routine! For your next season, I would suggest building grace. your team definitely has the potential to be smooth and graceful in its dancing because I see it in the jhummar segment. also, build up some strength and get more comfortable with your props. i noticed a significant improvement in confidence and uniformity in the songs without props (especially khundey). the last thing u could work on is dancing bigger: at 0:55 the red guy in front is opened up way bigger and looks stronger than everyone else, its way more impactful. follow his example. GOOD LUCK!


Congrats on second! Great concepts overall, but the execution wasn't 100% there. ideas and creativity were all on par, so now it's time to get each and every dancer up to speed. it's important to dance as a unit, so synching styles, staying on beat, and executing proper form are all key. little things like keeping backs straight on bhetkes to completely finishing each move before going on to the next are all important to the overall execution. also work on hitting certain steps and segments harder. for example, in the khunde breakdown it would have been nice to see everyone hit that breakdown really hard and get really low. a lot of teams do breakdowns in their routine, if you're going to do them make sure they hit as hard as they can. that goes for other moves as well, decide amongst the captains/choreographers what steps will be more graceful and what steps you will all go HAM on. lastly, go out there and enjoy it!! it seemed like some dancers were more tentative/sluggish than others (guys in red are an exception to this, y'all were high energy pretty much the whole time). allow the adrenaline of performing and doing what you love to carry you through each segment and interact with your jodis. they will help push you through to the end and get the best out of you!

just some food for thought, great job and good luck in the future! hope to compete against you guys sometime soon :)