Michigan Bhangra Team @ FEVER, NASHVILLE (1st place), & BOILER


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Hey BTF,

We had a great time competing this year and want to share our videos with y'all. Much love to our friends on OSU and Alamo for helping with our paghs. Thank you Arjun and Abhi for stepping in last minute and dancing. We look forward to making more strides next year.

We would like to personally thank our captains, Howie Magaro and Pratik Lakhani, for dedicating their time teaching 8 new dancers bhangra and believing in all of us until the very end.

Boiler 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7ZSrL9On3k

Nachde Nashville (1st Place): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-4LoJzQJII

Fever 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyA9V55FJC0




First off, congrats on your placing and all the success you've had this year! I'm only going to write out what I think can be improved, but don't take that as me saying everything was bad haha because it definitely wasn't. After watching the Boiler video all the way through one time here's what I saw:

Pace of the set: It didn't feel like the tempo changed that much during the set. Saaps felt very slow, especially in relation to the speed that a lot of teams are dancing to these days. And the tempo didn't really pick up or seem to change that much from there. To be honest, it kind of bored me a bit, which is a shame because you guys did do some pretty cool stuff.

Nakhra: Smiling is all well and good, but I didn't see anything extra from any of your dancers. Everyone was smiling throughout the majority of the set, but throw me a wink, blow me a kiss, eye-fuck me a bit so I feel some of the passion you guys are dancing with. You kept it uniform and it contributed to your cleanliness, but I never thought, damn I need to get up and dance right now. Personally, this is the reason I dance/watch bhangra.

Modhey: Rarely saw shoulders bouncing throughout the duration of the set, except for khunde chaal and jugni chaal. But even in khunde, your shoulders were only bouncing for those few beats of chaal and people were bouncing off beat. It made you look stiff and uncomfortable.

Execution: Holistically speaking, execution was pretty solid. However, saaps, posture, energy, legs, and body angles were particularly noticeable when they were off. Many of your dancers struggled with the saap segment, particularly the girls. Just a matter of building up those shoulders and extending a little more. I saw a lot of dancers struggle with posture (chest out, shoulders back, chin up, back straight, legs wide). Energy as a whole wasn't out of this world. Again, I think you all had relatively consistent energy and it attributed to cleanliness, but I never felt like dancers were going 100%. Legs were quite low especially in the second half of the set. This is particularly evident when you look at the back/middle dancers. Front dancers were generally higher energy. Lastly, body angles were noticeably off in multiple parts of the set. Anytime you guys did a spin or turned around I felt that at least one person was a little slow/fast or off slightly.

Choreo/Formations: There was nothing in this category that really left an impression on me. Nothing was bad, but I didn't feel like I saw anything that left me in awe. I think you played it safe and that's okay, but I'd like to see you take some more risks, especially considering the slower pace of the set.

All in all, I enjoyed the performance and MBT has definitely improved a ton this year. Congrats on a great year and good luck in the future! Looking forward to more from you guys


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Shawn pretty much hit the nail on the head, especially the points on posture and extension. The more your dancers do things like full extension on phulkas/phumaniyan and keeping saaps at chest level when playing, the better you'll look.

One point I'd just like to add that'll also go a long way are your chaddran, big issue throughout all 3 performances and across all your guys. Definitely invest some time in learning how to tie one properly, there's nothing like a chaddar spreading perfectly on landing a chaal. Maybe there's some vids on btf that can help (actually if you find any send them my way I'd like to improve as well 8) )

I've seen your videos from back in the old school vardi days and you guys have come a long way. Keep in mind the critiques you'll keep going far. Hopefully our teams will bump into each other soon! Congrats on the success guys!