MIT Bhangra 2018-2019 Season


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Radha Mastandrea and I are proud to release this year’s set for MIT Bhangra! We started this year with a much smaller team than we anticipated and had one goal — to give our new members the chance to compete so they could understand why we love bhangra and take that experience on with them to grow the team over the next few years. We would love to hear any and all feedback y’all have!

Earlier this month, we competed at Richmond Punjabi Mela. 8 of the 12 people on stage at this competition had never competed before, and 7 had never danced bhangra before this September. We especially want to thank Pramoda Karnati, who was substituted in 6 days before the competition date due to an injury and learned 3 sections of choreography + all the formations in record time. Thanks to the organizers of Richmond Mela for giving us the opportunity to compete, and thanks to the other teams for showing our first-timers what bhangra is about. In particular, shoutout to DCMPAA for paghs!

** A note: Sadly we weren’t able to get a video of us with sound, so this video is a screen recording of the livestream overlaid with our mix. You can’t hear our boli/other vocals.

Red: Divya Goel & Pramoda Karnati
Pink: Lauren Cooper & Nikasha Patel
Orange: Preksha Naik & Nirban Singh
Yellow: Allison Wang & Aanish Puri
Cyan: Radha Mastandrea & Siddarth Ganguri
Blue: Sanjna Ravichandar & Aashini Shah

We also had a chance to perform at Bhangra in the Heights in February — thanks to Columbia Bhangra for a fantastic weekend and @Armaan for tying amazing paghs for us. Again, only 4 dancers in this video had ever danced bhangra before this school year.

Red: Radha Mastandrea & Siddarth Ganguri
Orange: Sanjna Ravichandar & Aashini Shah
Yellow: Allison Wang & Aanish Puri
Green: Nikasha Patel & Preksha Naik
Cyan: Divya Goel & Stephanie Yoon
Purple: Alexis Jones & Nirban Singh

Finally, we want to thank our DJs for all their help and for being so responsive and quick when we ran into a few issues earlier in the semester. @JuicyDev for our saaps and khunde segments, @wadz for the intro/boli and finale, and DJ Hevin for the rest.

We’ve loved our time as captains and getting the chance to dance with such a dedicated and optimistic set of dancers. Admittedly, we got into this year with very little idea of how to run a team or even put together a set, and we truly could not have reached this point without such an amazing group of people. We can't wait to see how next year's team improves!