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Mixing Ladder Other Mixes | Week 5

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BTF Mixing Mod
Below are the mixes from incomplete challenges. All of these DJ's have won their challenges by default. Please remember that two weeks of idleness/no response to a challenge will result in a mixer's removal from the ladder.

Matchup 3: DJ Vig vs. RSD. The assigned song was Ne Putt Jattan Da, linked below:

The mixer (DJ Vig) submission is below:


Matchup 4: DJ Chet vs. MSB. The assigned song was Putt Sardaran Da - Bhinda Jatt, linked below:

The mixer (DJ Chet) submission is below:

Matchup 5: DJ Juggy vs. DJ A2.
The assigned song was Hik Utte Soja Ve - Chamkila, linked below:

The mixer (DJ Juggy) submission is below:

Matchup 8: DJ Monga vs. Str8 5abi.
The assigned song was Sassi - Surinder Shinda, linked below:

The mixer (DJ Monga) submission is below:


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BTF Mixing Mod
DJ Vig - This was the definition of a feel good mix. The intro was nice, thought you could have left out the first two songs though and have just gone into the Manak song. At the drop, you could have added in some of the Punjabi song's instrumental so that the flow remains solid. Good stuff overall.

DJ Chet - FIRE concept. Mixed super well, my only thing was that I thought the trumpet line from the background clashed a littleeee too much. Loved what you did with that song though.

DJ Juggy - Definitely the hardest song of the week to mix. Liked the background beat, thought you could have done a little more with it but all things considered it hit for me. If you had made the background beat more crisp (more punchy kick, warmer piano riff, etc) there would have been a lot more personality to the mix.

DJ Monga - Make sure you eq the original song so that the mid-high ends are not peaking. Clean mix, I loved the dhol processing. After the first buildup I expected a bit more in terms of stereo fullness.
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