*Mixing Ladder Season 4 Week 3 Info & Callout Thread*

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Thank you to BTF users for taking the time to cast votes and provide feedback! We did not receive as many completed mixes this past week, so we strongly encourage all DJ's participating to commit the time to mix or message a mixing mod to be removed from the ladder - it's not fair to your opponent who does put in the time to create a mix. You'll notice that many DJ's got eliminated from the ladder for being non-responsive on two occasions. Don't let yourself fall victim to being eliminated!!

Without further ado, here are the Week 2 winners:

DJ Vig beat Akash Bansal: 11 to 0
kRRn MiXeS beat paaji: 6 to 5
Amundeep beat DoubleA: 6 to 6; final decision determined by our special judge @Saleem
DJ MOMO beat ChaMak: 14 to 3
Mogul beat DJ Chet: 11 to 0
Wadz beat AsM: No submission from mixer
Suave Sahib beat DJ A2: No submission from mixer
DJ Juggy beat Baaj: No submission from mixer
Sahota Productions beat C-KLINE: No submission from mixer
Str8 5abi beat ksxingh: No submission from mixer
Ja$han A Ja$han beat Pandu: No submission from mixer
DJ Mandown beat Juicy Dev: No submission from mixer
s.h beat RSB: No submission from mixer

New Rankings
1. RSD
2. Saiborg
3. Ja$han-a-Ja$han
4. Suave Sahib
5. kRRn MiXeS
6. Pandu
7. DJ A2
8. paaji
9. DJ Vig
10. Akash Bansal
11. Hrsfhm
12. Amundeep
13. DJ Juggy
14. DoubleA
16. Baaj
17. Wadz
18. chaMak
19. AsM *Resigned*
20. Mogul
21. MsB
22. Venk1
23. DJ Chet
24. DJ JET
25. Ns_moose
26. DJ ManDown
27. Str8 5abi
28. Juicy Dev
29. SahotaProductions
30. s.h
31. RSB
32. Kalerity

**Please note that the callouts will begin TODAY in THIS THREAD. You have until 12:00 pm Sunday (7/15) to call out/accept your next challenge**

As a reminder, if a you accept a challenge, but are unresponsive or late, you automatically lose that round and face a strike or a demotion to the bottom of the ladder. If you expect to be late with your mix, PM a mod ahead of time. After 2 rounds of inactivity, you will automatically be removed from the ladder. Revisit the following thread if you would like to review the Mixing Ladder rules.

Challenges are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Pending Challenges:
DJ Vig (9) challenges Pandu (6)
Mogul(20) challenges chaMak(18)
Mandown (26) challenges Venk1 (24)
paaji (8) challenges DJ A2 (7)

Confirmed Challenges:
DJ MOMO (15) challenges Amundeep (12)
Ja$han-a-Ja$han (3) challenges RSD (1)
DoubleA (14) challenges Hrsfhm (11)
DJ Juggy (13) challenges Akash Bansal (10)
kRRn MiXeS (5) challenges Saiborg (2)
ns_moose (25) challenges dj chet (23)
S.H (30) challenges SahotaProductions (29)
MsB (21) challenges Baaj (16)
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im tryna join this ladder
Fill out the Google form in this topic and you'll be added to the ladder next week: http://bhangrateamsforum.com/a/threads/btfs-official-mixing-ladder-season-4.29562/

S.H (30) challenges DJ ManDown (28)
The mixing mods had accidentally forgot to move DJ ManDown to position 26 and Juicy Dev to position 28 (due to the Week 2 match up). @Simer - feel free to challenge someone else within 3 spots of you who hasn't already been challenged.

Str8 5abi (27) challenges DJ Chet (23)
karan, you are challenging someone 4 spots away. You can challenge Venk1 (24) since they are within 3 spots. Please post if that works.

Due to the confusion, we are going to be leaving this topic open for the rest of today for new challenges & the remaining people to accept their challenges.

~ Basim :)
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