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BTF Mixing Mod
What’s Up BTF!

We’re excited to start off the summer and look forward to hearing great mixes from our participants! As mentioned, this year we are implementing a bracket-style knockout tournament. Once again, thank you all for signing up for the mixing ladder this year and for being patient as we get everything set up!

The mixing mods would like to elaborate on new changes we’re introducing to the structure of this year’s ladder! We understand a new process may come with new difficulties, but we will do our best to resolve these as they appear throughout the ladder.

  • Mixers will no longer call out others to set up challenges. Challenges will be determined in a bracket style format based on BTF Audience votes. The first qualifying round will determine which bracket (A or B) you will be placed into.
  • The ladder will start off in a Qualifying Stage with group matchups, where DJ’s will be placed among 4-5 other DJs and compete for rankings within their groups.
  • The top two DJ’s from each group will be placed in Bracket A, and the remaining DJ’s will be placed in Bracket B
    • For Bracket A, DJ’s that rank 1st in their qualifying group will face a different DJ ranked 2nd in a separate qualifying group for the 1st round of brackets.
    • For Bracket B, matchups will be randomized without consideration of rankings. However, mixers will not be placed in a 1st round matchup with DJ’s that were in the Qualifying Round.
  • From there, DJ’s will compete in head-to-head matchups each week to either advance or be knocked out. Bracket A will run for 8 weeks with 4 rounds, and Bracket B will run for 10 weeks with 5 rounds.
  • The entire ladder will have two winners: one from Bracket A and one from Bracket B.
  • The schedule for each week moving forward is shown below.
  • The ladder will officially begin on Monday, April 27th, 2020!
  1. Mixing Ladder Timeline: Qualifying Round (First two weeks)
Week 1
Monday: Songs are sent out by email to all mixers in each group for Matchups.
Tuesday: Mixers MUST notify acceptance of their challenge by completing a Google Form (sent via email) to confirm participation. Non-participating mixers will be dropped from their spot & replaced by substitutes.

Sunday: Mixers have until Sunday 11:59 PM to submit their mix.

Week 2
Monday - Thursday: BTF audience votes for mixers.
Friday: First seeds are released in the evening. Brackets are revealed.
  • Top two DJ’s from each group are placed in Bracket A.
  • Remaining DJ’s from all groups are placed in the larger Bracket B.
  1. Mixing Ladder Timeline: Bracket A and B Stages (Remaining Weeks)
Week 3
Monday: Songs are sent out by email to the two DJ's in each matchup for each round.
Tuesday: Mixers must notify acceptance of challenge by completion of the respective Google Form.

Sunday: Mixers have until Sunday 11:59 PM to submit their mix.

Week 4
Monday - Thursday: BTF audience votes for mixers.
Friday: Bracket winners are revealed.

Weeks 3 and 4 are repeated in structure for the remainder of the mixing ladder.


We want this year to run smoothly, so we’re going to go over the rules and procedures one more time:
  1. If a mixer does not confirm a matchup within 24 hours via the Google Form, he/she will be replaced by a waitlist DJ and removed from the ladder.
  2. For the Group Qualifying rounds, each mix must be at least 30 seconds in length but no longer than 45 seconds.
  3. For the Bracket Round, each mix must be at least 45 seconds in length but no longer than 1:30
  4. Please email your mixes by the 11:59 PM deadline to btfmixingchallenge@gmail.com. The file must either be an MP3 or WAV. Please include your DJ name in the subject line.
  5. In order to vote, you must be a BTF user (troll and newly made account posts will be monitored for possible abuse). This can be subject to change.
    1. As an additional BONUS, if mixers vote on every other matchup for that round during the week, they will have 2 votes added to their matchup’s tally in their favor for that week
  6. In case of a tie, Saleem will act as the impartial judge to decide whose mix should win
  7. Absolutely no plagiarism.
  8. You cannot disclose in any capacity which mix is yours when it is posted. This can include putting your tag in the mix, commenting on the challenge thread, liking votes for your mix, reposting, or sharing. You will automatically lose the round if you do not maintain anonymity.
  9. In order to keep the ladder active, we have decided on a penalty system if DJ’s are late or unresponsive
    1. If you accept a challenge, but are unresponsive or late:
      1. A waitlist DJ will be chosen to submit a mix. This DJ has 2 days after mixes are initially due (while BTF votes for other matchups) to submit their mix and potentially take over the other DJ’s spot.
    2. If you expect to be late with your mix, email/contact a mod before the confirmation Google form is due on Tuesday.
If these rules are not followed, you will face removal from the Mixing Ladder.

Be on the lookout for potential prizes and bonuses during the weeks of the ladder! Round 1 matchups will be posted soon as a separate announcement!


The Mixing Ladder Mods
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BTF Mixing Mod
lets get itttt
where are the mixes gonna be hosted for people to listen to? on here or on a separate site?
These mixes will be primarily hosted on SoundCloud on the BTF Mixing Ladder account and embedded on the BTF forums for others to vote on.