Mixing Ladder Week 2 Matchup 10 DJ 1 NsD vs DJ Real Deol

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Dj1's sounded like no effort was put into it at all, very low Q and the beat-repeats got annoying for me as they seemed to be used excessively throughout. However the change of beat pattern was the one place you beat out Dj2. Dj2's mix didn't make much sense to me, thorra at the beginning was not mixed in well (perhaps a simple time delay on the L/R channel to make it mesh better?) and there was a big emphasis on random drops as opposed to making the songs mix well with one another.

Nonetheless, I vote for Dj2 due to presence of effort, and that I had a somewhat more enjoyable time listening to it than the other one.

Navi Dhaliwal

Lol im DJ 1 and I made this mix in a rush literally the last 20 minutes before the deadline, my personal vote goes to DJ 2, props.


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Not going to critique DJ 1 due to ^^ lol

DJ 2: Work on balance. It was very bass heavy and it overshadowed the vocal clarity. Also, avoid cliche samples ie. nakhreh dhol. or at least layer them with other samples and create an amalgamated sound which would make it hard to pick out the individual samples.

Winner: DJ 2
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