Mixing Ladder Week 2 Matchup 7 KSM vs ICM ENT

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DJ 1, the entire mix was done so well, everything fit together! There was so much variation as Big Apple Bhangra said, which is awesome!!
DJ 2, the mix was good, but I don't think that the Gani was in the correct key as the background beat.

My vote goes to DJ 1

p.s are we good to download these mixes?


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Dj 1: As already mentioned, Great blend of songs, everything was packed together nicely to showcase the theme. The only thing (and this is very picky and based on my preference) is that there wasn't much variation of look lak. In both instances of look lak, it was the chorus. This kind of took away from the buildup into the final drop imo. Regardless however, this mix was the clear winner for me.

Dj 2: What lacks in this mix is the variation that DJ 1 had. The only way this mix would have won is if there was a beat in the background that hit extremely hard. I guess because of the vagueness of this round it makes it difficult to win if you only have one song. The piano in the background as well as the beat did not fit and contained many pitch issues. On top of that, the beat that was chosen was made up of 4-bar (16 beat) phrases, while Gani is only made up of 2-bar (4 beat) phrases. This could work I guess but would have required a lot more cutting, but it causes the mix to flow less, which is a quality that is very important when dealing with a theme like this. Moreover, it just creates clash, so try to avoid a situation like this. Finally, the dholak and hats were good additions seeing the original production on this song (Manni Sandhu songs rarely have much leeway pitch wise). I would have kept the dholak and hats at a much lower volume however just so that everything is nicely packed together.


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DJ 1: Great job with making sure that the production level was professional and clean. In keeping with the theme, I think the song selection worked extremely well. Extra points for not going with just any popular song today. Mix wise, it was in key, with balanced sound and most importantly, great presence. I went all the way to the end not to be able to write a critique, but because the sound was captivating and engaging. I echo Teg's comments about look lak though. A switch up in the vocals the second time would have been icing on the cake.

DJ 2: Good effort overall. Points to note: The song is a romantic song with a pleasant vibe but the beat you chose tried to make it darker. With that, the emotions the sound carries get mixed and the listener is unable to feel either one successfully. Is the singer sad? or does he sound like he's madly in love? It's a grey area in punjabi music from a listener's perspective because a ton of romantic songs get classified as "sad' because they're slow and don't have an uppity beat and sometimes vice versa. Another point just for the future is to play to the challenge. This week was open ended in terms of songs and the choices were left to the mixer. It would have elevated the perceived thought behind the mix if you added a few other songs or strung together lyrics that complement each other. The quality of the mix overall wasn't bad-- can definitely improve in the future by zooming in and aligning your samples better (primarily for the dholki) to make it really sound like it belongs there instead of having been thrown on top.

Winner: DJ 1
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