Mixing Ladder Week 4: Other Mixes

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Below are the mixes from incomplete challenges. All of these DJ's have won their challenges by default. Please remember that two weeks of idleness/no response to a challenge will result in a mixer's removal from the ladder.

Matchup 4: paaji vs. Suave Sahib. The assigned song was 90 Photwa - Harman Parwar, linked below.

The mixer (paaji) submission is below:


Feedback (general or directed toward specific mixers) is encouraged for the submissions above. Be sure to vote on the other complete matchup threads! New Ladder rankings will then be posted Friday!

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This is a hot song. Great selection mods!

Great job on the mix paaji - a few things: I wish the vocals could be more pronounced; you can easily notice how the listener is drawn to that in the original song. I also feel your mix could use more EQing because a lot of mix seems to centered in the mid's - i.e. your bass doesn't hit very hard/deep. I really enjoyed the pace/faster tempo of your mix vs the original - I think that really enhanced the song. Overall, I wish you did a little more to your mix to make it stand out vs just a "normal" bhangra mix. If you listen to some of the other mixers that tend to win week after week, you'll notice how they often give the mix their own twist and make it unique.

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~ Basim :)


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Good mix. Sounded like there was too much compression going on. From what I'm hearing the volume in the original song is dipping every time there is supposed to be a kick, but like Basim mentioned, the kicks/bass are also being drowned out so there's no real effect taking place with all of that compression/volume reduction. Well done overall though, this mix has potential for sure. Like Basim said, add in your own twist and this would be a fire mix!
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