Mixing Ladder Wk 1 Matchup 12

DJ Nitrone vs DJ SSK

  • DJ 1

    Votes: 23 71.9%
  • DJ 2

    Votes: 9 28.1%

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Dj JsM
dj 2's chords are kinda frieddddddd LMAO and his percussions go off at 15 seconds !


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DJ 1: intro got off beat as soon as the hats came in. Drop was pretty cool. Not overtly raped. Everything after 1:14 was sorta weird. Just bass bass and then Can't touch this randomly. Overall, decent mix, obvious fundamentals to work on.

DJ 2: balance is very off. Way too sharp on the shakers and hi hats. Vocals also seem scratchy. If you're gonna use raw dhol loops, you really gotta do something with em, can't just slap em underneath and call it a day. Esp the harman toor ones.

Overall: The point of a mix is to enhance the original. If the listener goes back and enjoys the original more than the remix, its a failure honestly. All the DJ's really gotta do some A/B Testing and compare your mix, the original, someone else's mix, another mix of a different song that sounds good and THEN see where you can improve.

For this challenge, DJ 1, despite the off beat percussion I enjoyed the ideas and execution more than DJ 2.
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