Mixing Ladder Wk 1 Matchup 4

DJ Baaj vs DJ Preet

  • DJ 1

    Votes: 25 71.4%
  • DJ 2

    Votes: 10 28.6%

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DJ 2: Bass fest. hi hats got some funky doubling issues in the beginning. You can do much better than black and yellow. Dhol is getting off beat as it progresses, until the clip loops again. I dig the idea of making the beginning portion a dhamal and then dropping into chaal. Just work on really zooming in and making sure all your clips are properly aligned and hit together. Look forward to next week!

DJ 1: Pretty dope -- it's not overly busy so its hard to point out negatives. I was digging the beat you slapped on there. Simple and sweet. Things to work on: Clean up, balance (pretty bass heavy), width.

DJ 1 takes this matchup.


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My vote goes to DJ 1, great idea and pretty refreshing take compared to a lot of the bass/snare/hi-hat mixes coming out of the ladder.

DJ 2 had some good ideas but making sure pitch matches if you're going to layer instrumentals is so fundamental and it kind of ruined your mix for me.
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