Motor City Bhangra juniors and Giddha competition!!


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Hello Everyone,
MCB have always been a competition that promoted folk Bhangra and our efforts in the past 4 years have shown great results as more teams have decided to bring back traditional Bhangra. We thank you for all the help and support you all have shown throughout the years.

Now we want to take it one step further and that is making sure our next generation keep this folk aspect alive as well. We will be bringing more details regarding the juniors competition very shortly.

Not only that we will also be having a Giddha category as well to showcase the true culture of Punjab and we are confident to bring out the best giddha teams to perform and compete at this competition so we can take Giddha to a whole new level and set the bar high.

So keep on the lookout. More details to come very shortly!!

Thanks again
MCB Committee