Nachdi Jawani Waris @ Bhangra in the 6ix 2018 (1st place)


Here is Nachdi Jawani Waris’ 1st Place performance from Bhangra in the 6ix 2018. Every team brought amazing routines and gave insane performances! Congratulations to Royal Queens and Dil De Rangeen for their placings! A huge shoutout to Hardeep Hundal aka DholiHardo for one of the most fire mixes ever made. Another shoutout to Gurmukh Sagoo for the most savage Paghs in the game right now. Enjoy everyone!!!



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Are you guys another sub team of nachdi jawani warriors? Nice performance, although I felt gut punched at times with the energy. This is a compliment.


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Dancing is at an insane level - love the intensity you guys bring, its so different from any other team. I especially liked the slow down/jugni segment that starts at 7:30, so saucy with the mix too.

Another thing that makes this performance so fun to watch is the nakhra and confidence you guys have. Everyone is getting it on stage and still interacting with each other and the crowd. It looked so fun to perform and makes everyone want to join in. Props to Orange and blue jodis, they killed the entire routine


Stellar Performance!!! Was captivated from start to end.
You guys have a level of energy and nakhra well above the top teams in the circuit anywhere in the world. Choreo was very entertaining and I really like the attention to detail such as small head tilts, angle changes and looks.
Every single dancer was on point throughout and could be a red jodi on any other team. The gap between strongest to weakest dancer is non existent in my eyes. Phenomenal job to you guys for working hard and getting to this stage.
EXTRA RESPECT for going super low on jugni and the whole team squatting down. I can't imagine how you guys kept energy up throughout the whole set and still managed to hit these points so hard.

Very excited to see you guys perform again and take on some other teams. I genuinely think NJW could take on the likes of SPD and possibly win.

When will we see NJ Waris vs SPD vs NJ Joshiley vs NJ Folk Loverz??!!??!!

Here's another video in addition the the brilliant Bhoopz coverage. This one has the oh so gerd 60fps!

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What are the different age groups for the NJ teams?

I noticed for all the different teams dancers are similar build and height. Good move