Nachdi Jawani Warriors 1st place performance @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2015


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I have to say I really love to watch NJ. You guys bring folk back and definitely make your routines fun to watch.

With that being said, I was not impressed with this performance. I felt it was something thrown together couple weeks before and did not have the same NJ style of execution like in boston bhangra or in big apple bhangra.

My reasoning relies heavily on the pugh malfunction. It was a huge distraction, and to be fair, I was surprised you guys would still place first even though that happened. You guys do a lot of sick moves and turns and betkes, and should realize that doing that may have some effect in loosening the pugh. Always want to make sure its on tight.

Further, the whole chimta and kunde segment was great, but I know the initial part of that was in jawani warriors at bhangra masti, so to me the whole ingenuity behind it was lacking.

Further, this routine seemed good only because you guys were going really really fast, a lot faster than boston or big apple. The moves seemed incomplete a lot of the times, and further it seemed that moves were being used over and over again.

Please don't take my comments the wrong way; I really enjoy watching NJ and seeing you all perform. I just think this performance was a little below NJ standards.


Thanks for your feed back.
As far as chimte go we used the segment to bring a flash from the past (from Masti) for the fans who remember thank you.
Pagh Turla; due to a khunda collision, yes malfunctions happen. However recovering from that and not letting it affect the performance is what truly matters. Hence placing after that happened.


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Really love watching you guys take the stage-this set was performed in typical NJW style-fantastic execution considering the pacing of the set-I'm a personal fan of more diversity in pacing. Not as clean/standardized as I personally would have liked-but once again pretty good considering the speed.
I'll give you a quick run down of things I liked/didn't like

-The chimta gimmick-yeah- I remember it being done at Masti-but adding the rumaals here + choreo + mix made it a straight fire segment-it was memorable and an example of great set design.
-Really liked the sammi formation you guys did at ~4:19-a nice dynamic formation
-Jhoomer choreo I thought was very hot-traditional but still complex in its own way
-The choreo in 6:20 was a style that I've personally never seen before-hitting the "and" beats the way you did I thought was weird at first, but I think was a cool way to differentiate the segment and make it stand out-and makes for another memborable moment
-Khunde pick up was pretty cool-liked that
-Jugni drop-I remember seeing this drop at BBC and it was hot then-but seeing it this time-it just loses the effect
-A lot of segments had great choreo and build-up but they lacked one defining or capping moment in my opinion. I think that's what yomamajama means by the sentiment that it feels like it was put together last minute
-For example:
-At around 1:47 when you hit that awesome Saap spin-instead of going into just a regular dhamaal-I thought you guys could have really added one more "power move" to cap off the crazy spin.
-Or at around 2:11- that movement looks really cool-but there isn't a very significant formation change-which doesn't (in my opinion) make it hit as well as it would have.
-Same for around 4:35- there is a huge build-up that you can feel in the mix and the choreo, and then it ends with phulka that is practically in spot
-I liked the entire 6:30 segment, I think when you do the chicken wing at the end- there could have been some strong drop in the mix to help cap off that unique segment.
-The choreo at 7:03 was really really hot-I just wish it was followed by a stronger/more dynamic formation change to amp up the fact you guys are doing pataka

Overall-execution for the speed and intricacy of choreo was what in my opinion made this a solid performance. This performance had some really cool and memorable moments that set it apart. In terms of set design-it really feltt like to me you guys did crazy fast choreo in spot or with minimal formation change- I think making more intense formation changes with drops or just giving each segment that extra bit to finish the segment strong could help. I didn't feel like there was a beginning, middle and end to each segment-it just felt like choreo was being presented.
This set performed by a lot of other teams would be a great set-but for you guys- i don't think set measures up as closely to those performed previously-just my personal opinion and I hope my feedback is useful.
Congratulations on First-its always fun and entertaining watching sets from you guys-can't wait to see whats next!


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This was a badass set!

Songs were sick and enjoyed watching it way more than Big Apple. I didn't mind you guys bringing the chimta segment with khunde back. In fact you guys did it better than even the first time IMO. Your segment, do it whenever/however you like.

Props to the guy in red for going just as hard throughout the set, even after his turla was flapping all over the place. Really enjoyed the set, haven't seen the other sets but a first place set none the less. Congrats boys!