Nasheyan Thon Mask Off (Live Mix) - Ranjit Mani x Future - mixed by C-KLINE


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Check out this mix guys

Regarding this mix, C-KLINE had this to say:
" Check out this live mix of 'Nasheyan Thon Dhoor' by Ranjit Mani and 'Mask Off' by the world famous rapper, Future. The Punjabi lyrics go into explaining the negatives of taking drugs and being involved in gangs; it's a must listen for girls and boys of all ages, teenagers in particular.

How did this mix come by? This mix idea was pitched in by a follower of mine, and I thought it was a good fusion not only because the beats went together well, but because drugs were the main idea of both songs. I gave it my twist to the sound with the addition of 90's style, Boom Bap drums. Hope you guys enjoy and comment! Don't forget to hit the 'Follow' button! "