Need help With my mix

Jasmit Gill

I'm pretty new to making mixes and coming from a strong background in video editing so this is for a performance. The thing is my transitions are pretty bad, the way I see ppl do it is with an increasing pitch sound effect. I just can't seem to find it anywhere online and I know lots of ppl use it. Im trying to find a full download of it and could someone link me to the official sound effect and maybe more transition sound effects. Also if you have any pointers let me know. The mix below is not done as I'm looking for that sound effect to clean it up. And yes I did use some other teams remixes but this is not for a big competition. Linked below are the sound effect in trying to find and the current mix I have. I got the sound effect from another teams mix to show what I'm looking for. I alos need to find this asap. Thanks



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Here you go. What DAW or software are you using? Another common sound effect I've heard is using a reverse cymbal. You can google it and get various sounds for that.