New Potential Products from HSA Bhangra Props

Howie Magz

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Hey BTF,

HSA would like to thank all of our customers this past Fall for placing their shikke orders with us. We really do appreciate and take pride in the kind reviews and the satisfaction of all our customers. We come to you dancers on BTF with a interesting proposition! We are currently delving into other avenues within Bhangra such as Vardiyan and Khunday (light bamboo with a hook). If there is a high enough interest, we would be happy to provide those services alongside our plastic shikke as well! If you have any questions or are interested in placing a order of vardiyan, khunday, or specific parts of a vardiyan (chaadra, kurta, vest, and pagh) please message me here on btf, shoot a email to, or shoot either one of us a call or text!

Howie Magaro: 917-542-1093
Ankush Vermani: 646-599-3570
Suhail Rawal: 551-579-1374