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Nishani Bhangra @ BBC 2012


Just shut up and dance
Breakout performance for Nishani. Very good set, very entertaining. Could have placed in my opinion.

With the distinct style that Gurbir brings as captain and choreographer, you guys should keep working and progressing. Apply to Bruin, it will be a good competition for your team.

It was a pleasure meeting all of you, and I hope that you continue to develop and grow as a team.


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I liked this performance. I see some Elite 8 2010 stuff in there. There were alot of interesting things going on. I loved Ik Tara. Great Choreo. I'm surprised this didn't place. Hope to see more of Nishani!


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Legit surprised when I saw this. You guys have improved an immense amount from last that I saw you. This was a placing performance though. I would say really try to clean up a bit, some of the dancers seem a bit kacha (inexperienced). Still sick performance guys.


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Wow. There was some really creative stuff in there! Awesome job guys!

Bianca B

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So, I’m generally terrible about keeping up and watching team videos on BTF, but I keep hearing people raving about Gurbir as a captain, and I just had to watch this performance…

…and I’m shocked. So much creativity, so many refreshing ideas! I really can’t wait to see more performances from y’all- that was fantastic.

I gotta say though, I wasn’t a fan of the whole Woody thing- it caused a relatively long pause in your set, and honestly, you didn’t need him. You had such a perfectly unique and entertaining set without him, that he didn’t add much.

Also, you all can identify weak points in the set for yourselves, but I think a big thing to work on would be back posture. Your backs weren’t bent over or anything, but they weren’t necessarily always straight, especially for the guys. It’s a small thing, but it makes a big difference in your power in the execution of every step, as well as in your overall presence on stage. Plus, it’s just healthier J


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Definitely one of the more creative sets I've seen for a while, not only with choreo but also with formations. I look forward to seeing what else you guys can come up with!