Nishani Bhangra's shout out for Boston Bhangra Competition


So, I have not posted here in a very long time.

I believe the link above will take you to the Boston Bhangra page. If it does not, just click on Boston Bhangra before you like any videos. Make sure you check out all the videos before liking any.

Nishani Bhangra is the second team I started here in Houston after starting Anakh-E-Gabroo in New York. Your support for either team is much appreciated.

We would appreciate some likes on our "shout-out" video only if you enjoy it. If you enjoy other videos more than ours please feel free to support them.

There are many members on this forum so please make the effort and simply click on the link to view the videos teams have submitted. We have a pretty close competition going on with these videos and who better to decide the victor than the BTF community.

**Bhaag Milkha Bhaag**

Thank you,

Gurbir Singh