NJ Jhalak Punjab Di @ Raniyaan Di Raunaq 2019


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Firstly I wanted to congratulate all the teams that took part in RDR and especially the organizers that made this happen, history was definitely made! The whole RDR committee/team deserves a lot of credit for holding down an incredible weekend that was super smooth. I think they just understood the complaints of teams from past competitions and corrected a lot of them for RDR. A big thank you to our liaisons Nitika and Neha as well for being great help throughout the weekend.

Below is our performance from the weekend.

Red: Jaspreet Gill - Simarpreet Gill
Blue: Sahibjot Bajwa - Rimple Deol
Pink: Annum Triwal - Jannat Sethi
Purple: Prisha Cheema - Mehar Kaur
Orange: Vimal Bola - Avneet Bains
Green: Gurleen Sidhu - Jasmine Saggu
Dholi: Manvir Duhra


Big shout out to DJ Sahota for creating his first ever mix and PablaMix for his always great work, help, and consistent support!

Listen to NJ Jhalak Punjab Di @ RDR FT.PablaMix by DJ Sahota on #SoundCloud
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