NorCal Naujawan @ West Coast Bhangra 2017


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Hi everyone,

We had a great time competing at West Coast Bhangra this year against Apni Sardari Apni Pehchan (ASAP!). We loved the matchup format that forced each team to think beyond just having a good Bhangra set.

We've had quite the busy month hitting 3 competitions in 4 weeks:

Legacy of Bhangra (2016): 2nd Place
BSM: 1st Place
Reign of Bhangra: *Pending*
West Coast: Matchup Winner

Shoutout to all teams we've had the pleasure of competing against thus far. Keep bringing the fire.

Please drop some feedback about this performance so that we can continue to improve.
Mix will be uploaded soon ;)



Aruan S.
funny intro video loll
good choreographed mela,
Your shikka starting is very similar to Ghaint Bhangra College (Ryerson University/George Brown College) Shikkeh Nacs 2015, loll I don't know if its a coincidence but I see the imitation.
Good Energy throughout , khunde segment could be cleaner but still was strong..
fasslan were done very gracefrully and naturally,
I never thought that jhoomer would be possible on that bhinderakia track, sikkk
Ramals enhanced the performance, complicated your actions very well..
Goood Job Mix was fire too
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