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Dear Bhangra Community,

We are definitely excited to host Notorious Bhangra II in the most notorious of all notorious cities Stockton, Ca on July 20th, 2013. With that being said, it was definitely a tough and lengthy task to choose teams. With last years show being a success we had an overwhelming amount of applicants for the music category this year. It became really difficult to narrow it down to only 10 teams so we extended it to 13 competing teams. This decision was made for our committee's own precaution, as many of you are aware we had over 7 teams drop out last year, so it became very difficult to find last minute replacement teams. So in order to avoid, the same scenario to occur again we have decided to add some more to our line up to begin with. The competition will only have one category: Music and will still only offer 3 placings.

We would like to sincerely thank all the teams for taking interest and submitting all necessary materials in on a timely manner, we truly appreciate it! After much needed deliberation, the committee finally came to a consensus and we are proud to announce Notorious Bhangra II line up which consists of many diverse new teams, older teams, and teams which have decided to collabo together for a show you surely won't want to miss this summer! On behalf of the Stockton Indian Youth Alliance and Notorious Bhangra Committee it is with honor that we present to you this years line up as following:

Music Category:
Ankhiley Gabroo - Sacramento, California​
BC Bhangra Girls - Surrey, British Columbia, Canada​
Bhangra Knightz - Bay Area, California​
Bhangra Regiment - Los Angeles, California​
Boss Bhangra - Toronto, Ontario, Canada​
Cal Bhangra Alumni - Bay Area, California​
Carolina Bhangra Squad - North Carolina​
Dil De Rangeen - Detroit, Michigan​
Kauran Di Taur - Calgary, Alberta, Canada​
Nachda Punjab Academy - Surrey, British Columbia, Canada​
Nachde Shokeen Gabroo - Bay Area, California​
Rangla Punjab - University of California, Irvine​
Virsa: Our Tradition - New York​
Exhibition Acts:
Bhangra Avengers - Fresno, California​
Golden State Bhangra - Bay Area, California​
Noor Punjab Di - Bay Area, California​
SJSU Bhangra - San Jose State University​
Vakhri Tohr Punjabana Di - Norcal/Socal​
Virse De Waris Jrs. - Central Valley​


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sgrewal30 said:
Cal Bhangra Alumni. Oh my <3 Excited to see RP performing again.

They performed at Nachda ;) Check out the GTV video


Does this mean that we're going to have to wait even longer for BK to release their latest competition mixes?=(

Damn this is going to be one hell of a show!