***Official Mixing Ladder Season 5 SIGN UP!!***


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Hello BTF!!

@TegHans @Mans @Jasnoor98 @Basim and I are proud to announce that we are reviving the mixing ladder once again! This time for Season 5. We're excited to see the fire content mixers will be bringing this year. We highly encourage mixers of all experience levels to participate in this year's competition in order to showcase your abilities and learn from each other!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the BTF Mixing ladder is a competition where established and rising bhangra mixers face off in a variety of head-to-head challenges, with the BTF audience deciding who prevails. Traditionally we carry out this competition in a ranking ladder format with winners advancing rank and losers dropping down. However, this year we are looking to implement a bracket-style knockout tournament at some point to decide a winner rather than having to call an early end to the competition due to inactivity from mixers. More details regarding this will follow once we figure out how we would execute this in a fair manner.

Winners of each match-up will be voted for by the BTF community. Voting is done by commenting under challenge-specific threads each week. Mixing moderators will be monitoring the votes to ensure fairness.

Interested in participating?

**Sign up form is officially closed. If you're interested in being put on a waitlist, PM any mixing mod -OR- send an e-mail to btfmixingchallenge@gmail.com with the following details:

Email Address:

Full Name:
DJ/Producer Name:
BTF Username/Handle:
How long have you been making bhangra mixes?

Soundcloud Link:

DJ's will be taken off the waitlist on a first come, first serve basis to replace any drop-outs we may face during the competition.**

We will be releasing more information regarding the structure of this competition over the next week so keep an eye out! In the meantime, sign-up!!!

Questions or suggestions??
PM one of the Mixing Ladder mods.

Teg Hans ( @TegHans )
Manpreet Singh ( @Mans )
Srikarran Sowrirajan ( @srikarran )
Jasnoor Singh (@Jasnoor98 )

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