OMG check these punjabis out


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Ashveer said:
On one hand I agree that this appeared to be a cheap ploy by the Gatka Group to get exposure and possibly money. I wish they would have showed more "traditional" gatka rather than eating glass and all that. But on the other hand I think the Sikh community tries too hard to gain acceptance from other communities.

With or without this show, this stereotypical images of Sikhs will persist. And if we want to make comparisons to the black community shows like "The Cosby Show" (the ultimate show in depicting the black community in a positive light) did not improve race relations. In the midst of the Cosby Show we had race riots in LA, and studies have shown the majority of white viewers of The Cosby Show considered the family an exception to the rule, and continued to look at blacks are subhuman.

So yes, I would like to see better depictions of Sikhs on television and popular culture. But the idea that we should always concern ourselves with how we portray ourselves to the general public rubs me the wrong way. I don't think we should have to convince the public we are not drunk, violent, imbeciles. Because the only way the general public will accept a Sardar is if he is no longer a Sardar. Gatka is not acceptable for much of the general public, at all. And there is no way to practice Gatka without giving the impression Sikhs are violent. Same with carrying a kirpan. Should we compromise these values for acceptance too?

Forget gaining acceptance from these people, instead of worrying about that Sikhs should focus on uplifting the community on our own. We have the resources to do so, we don't need the approval of anyone else.