Picking songs for mixes


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Hey guys, just wanted to ask you all how you guys pick your songs for your mixes.

Do you pick by segments for the routine i.e. one for dhamaal, sammi, mirza, jhoomer etc??

Any help would be appreciated



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this is the process in which the songs are choosen
1 what you are doing in the set
what i mean by this is that the moves you will be doing that will go with a certain song
jugni - jugni or cheeray walia gabarua by surjit bindrakhia
2 what is the highlight moment of the song
this is a bit hard to explain but the moment is when the courus is playing or when the moves fit to the words and beat
3 what has been done in the routine so far
this basically means if you just did a song with chikkey dont do jhoomer rite after cuz it looks whack and it throws of the rythm/flow of the routine
4 lastly pick the songs your team wants to dance to
this is most important part cuz if your team members dont like the song they will not do their best during the performance


kinda wanna bring this post back a little and ask what kinds of songs make up a good saap, khunde, jhummar etc segment? What to listen for in the song itself that makes it good for that specific segment? I feel like jhummar is (at least for me) the easiest segment to pick a song for but other than that I'm kinda of lost in all honesty.