Princeton Bhangra @ Nach Ke Dikha 2015



Hey guys,

Below is a video of our last performance of the season at NKD earlier this month. Congrats to Duke on the well-deserved win!

Our team is just a couple years old and we have a lot of young dancers, so feedback on anything from the set to overall execution to individual dancers would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you to the NKD committee for recording & editing the video!

Yellow & Red: Rishi Narang & Medha Ranka, Amandeep Saini & Audrey Meng
Blue & Purple: Allen Fang & Christie Jiang, Pratik Chheda & Sahiba Singh
Green & Pink: Kavirath Jain & Jackie Rambarran, Sunny Siddique & Samantha Cody

A few shoutouts for the season:

NKD committee: Thank you for putting on an incredibly well organized competition. Really impressed by how easy it was to communicate with you guys before, during, and after the weekend. Special shoutout to Nikhil, our liaison, for hanging around the entire time and being a ton of fun.

Fever committee: Kevin and Daman, you guys have put so much time and effort into that competition and it really shows. The whole thing ran so smoothly, and the two freshmen that competed with us there for the first time couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had that weekend lol. (Will post the fever video here as well when I get it.)

Kinnel, Amitoj, and Govind: Really appreciated your detailed feedback at Fever. We had a huge focus on the things you guys talked about with us in between Fever and NKD, and it helped a lot.

Shawn & Samir: Uptown funk wouldn’t have been what it is without you guys. Thank you for not only coming up with most of that choreo, but critiquing Medha, me, and our team in general as we prepped for NKD. Learned so much from the couple hours we spent with you both.

Aneesh: Goes without saying, but this team wouldn’t be where it is right now without you. Remember when we had that choreo session in your basement last August and we showed you that draft of bullet? Didn’t even end up in our set lol. You've helped us come so far. Thank you for everything.

Our small group of alumni: So much unending support from the 10 of you. Love you all.

Finally, to Christie, Aman, and the rest of our young team: Medha and I are so, so proud of you guys. Kill it next year.

Ravi M

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I have watched some of your performances in past years, and holy shit your dancer quality has improved incredibly! Great performance guys, keep up the good work!


Bumping this up – our young team would really benefit from critiques!

I'll post some thoughts on other performances in the next few days as well.


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Hey guys! It's so great to see how your team's dancing quality has improved over the past few years - keep up the progress! Here are some comments/opinions I had about the set:

- Choreo was on the safe side, no surprises, no gimmicks
- Formations were pretty clean which is good
- Evident discrepancy in dancer quality seen during some segments, especially saaps. Need to work on nakhre and form.
- Some transitions between songs in the mix itself were weak
- Tempo between songs didn't vary much, seemed too slow at parts

- The opening with "Aaja ni Aaja" was pretty cute, just needed to be more hype. Saaps were decent.
- Actual jhoomer seemed super short and the moves were very robotic looking. The steps lagged and didn't flow into one another
- Didn't know where you were going with the "Uptown Funk" segment at first (i.e., if it was supposed to be a part of jhoomer or not) but then the momentum and rhythm picked up towards the end of it when the beat dropped. It could've been executed better or possibly been more hype if you added dhol beats to the background.
- Loved the throwback song for kaato! Once again, choreo was on the safe side.
- Ending could've used more energy and jumps were off at the end. That may have been due to the fact that you did jugni right before it - I would consider rearranging the order of your segments so you don't have two high energy segments together.

I hope this helped! You definitely have the potential for growth and I wish you the best of luck for the future!