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Punjab Shiv Sena man wants to hang Prof Bhullar personally

J Hayer

Gabru13, would you mind posting some article or informative literature about this? like a link or something you might have -- for some reason youtube's not working for me, and i can't really find info outside basically vague news articles. if it's not too much trouble


ah salle neh marna .... its so funny that ah salle 1984 nuh bahot jaldi bhul jande neh how bout when a Singh was shot and killed in ludhiana kand and the sirsa wala incidents all over punjab. Shiv Sena tah sikh's deh #1 dushman ah par apne koum deh gadar Badal warge kutte anna nuh protect karde neh. Anna nuh puche salle oh jaddo veh jang (war) lage hunde ah vehla goli mure sikh he hunda... fir tusi kithe hunde ohh or when all the sikh's died for the India odho shiv sena kithe seh


veer loka ney tey sanu kee kheana apney nai maan , our ppl going against each other killing each other, this is all planned out. jatt songs, showing punjabi living great life we r rich we have money everything.. this is all shown in songs to distract our young generation, youth in Punjab is addicted to drugs, crime. all i wanna say is to make our community our ppl strong we need to there for each other, follow guru granth saab ji, not some fake baba.