Punjabi Classic/Folk Song Recommendations?

Rice Aag

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I'm the bandleader of a Desi/South Asian band at my university, and I'm trying to arrange a Punjabi medley to showcase the wide variety of culture in Punjab (both India and Pakistan). We have Punjabi male/female singers, dhol, tumbi, etc., and might add a bhangra dancer or two alongside. I'm trying to do research on what would be considered the most classic/well-known Punjabi classic/folk songs of all time that I would need to include. This is the list I have so far w/their most well-known singers, from which I'll try to choose maybe like 6-9:
Please let me know if any of these aren't classics/well-known or if you can think of any important Punjabi classic/folk songs which are very important to Punjabi culture that I'm missing from my list. Thanks!


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Hi @Rice Aag,

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You have a pretty good list there, but just briefly glancing it over, I would include the late Surjit Bindrakhia whose honestly had several hits, but here is a classic (Tera Yaar Bolda):

Best of luck on this intiative! Would love to follow and know the final product turns out.

~ Basim :)