Queen City Bhangra '18 Feedback

Hello Everyone,

First off, all of us from QCB would like to thank everyone that showed so much love and support to our first year. We would also like to give a huge shout out to the placing teams:

First Place: Nachdi Jawani Diyan Mutiyaaran
Second Place: Sherniyan Di Sarkar
Third Place: First Class Bhangra

And another huge thank you to our amazing judging panel:

Neeli Grewal
Konark Bhasin
Birinderjeet Singh
Gurvinder (Money) Singh
Jagtar Sohal

Lastly, we hope all of those who came out, enjoyed the show. Please do provide us with any and all feedback for us to improve on in coming years. Also feel free to email us at queencitybhangra@gmail.com with any feedback or concerns as well!


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I danced for MOB at this comp.

I got to the mixer late, so I can't comment about the mixer. When I showed up, there was a cool setup for taking pictures on a manja with some real pind looking props. Pretty neat. We got a large practice space for an hour or so after the mixer in the same location, which was convenient. Our liaisons found us another practice space after our first building closed. That was very appreciated.

It was nice that the hotel was a short walk from the venue. I hate having to drive/uber/shuttle around on comp day. The hotel itself was decent. I don't think any teams were particularly rowdy, but we weren't being harassed by the staff to be quiet, which was rare for a comp. They also had no issues with us getting ready and tying paghs in the halls. Only hotel problem was that our room at least didn't have hot water in the shower.

Tech time was pretty smooth. I think there were some issues with our lighting cues, but that seems to happen every comp I go to.

The show itself was on time. The venue was fine. It was on the smaller side, but I don't think anything larger was needed. There were just enough seats for everybody. I didn't watch that many performances, but it seemed like the music was quiet at times in the far upper/back rows.

During our performance, our mix ended prematurely and didn't resume. We had an outro after our finale that never played, which was not an issue we had at tech time. I'm assuming whoever was controlling the mix saw/heard us hit our "ending" and manually stopped the mix, which was awkward. Something like this is unacceptable, however the board immediately apologized and talked to the judges about the situation. Mistakes happen, they handled it well afterwards, and it wouldn't have really affected our score anyways.

There wasn't too much dead-time between the exhibition and placings announcements. There was a bit of time for teams to do boliyan on stage, but I'm about that so I enjoyed it.

Judges were qualified and gave extremely detailed feedback of our performance. I'm thankful for that. I am also happy with the placings.

Food throughout the weekend wasn't very good/abundant, but that's pretty much every comp.

It was an overall average experience, which I'd say is good for a first-time comp.

Shoutout to our liaisons Preeti, Tahreem, Manasa, and Hima, who were all super friendly and helpful throughout the weekend.


I also danced with MOB at this competition.

First off, congratulations on putting together a successful first year competition, it is not an easy feat, and all of the teams are appreciative of the time and effort that goes into hosting.

I think my man covered most of it above but there was one issue that was very consistent throughout the entire weekend and that was timing. during both tech time and during the show (I think) I heard that we needed to get ready faster or be somewhere much earlier than needed, and there was frustration when the team wasn't ready.

If a tech time is scheduled for 9:30, that is the time the board needs to honor even if it is somehow running early. When teams receive this information the night before, we plan around those times for the next day.

Additionally, I think there may have been some miscommunication between the board and the liaisons (Preeti & Tahreem you guys were awesome btw) as to what time we actually had to be at venues / practices and such which added to the confusion about timings.

Other than that, I had a great time in Cinci and enjoyed the comp weekend. Shoutout to all the placing teams and thanks to the judges for the great feedback.

Looking forward to see how Queen City Bhangra improves in the coming year.