Raakhe Virse De (RVD) @ Bhangra in the 6ix 2018


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Here is RVD’s performance from Bhangra in the 6ix 2018. BIT6ix has always been a great comp that everyone has a great time at. Congrats to SPD for running another successful show and to DDR, Royal, and NJ Waris for their respective placings!


Victor Aheer - Thanks so much for coming in clutch with logos, intro videos, and anything out of the box that adds a unique element to our performances. If any teams are struggling with ideas for gear, videos, vardi designs or logos, please contact my brother. He is very responsive and works non stop to create quality designs.

MSB - Fire mix homie. Keep up the great work. MSB was very responsive and professional about making our mix. Definitely on the rise!

Sukhi Dholi - Thank you so much for playing dhol for us. You held it down! Dancing to a mix versus dancing to a mix with a dholi are so different and having a dholi definitely adds a lot.

Gian and Kamal - Amazing liaisons. You guys really held it down and made the weekend as stress free as possible. Whether it was guiding us from one place to another or just chilling with us, we were always comfortable this weekend because of you guys! (Gian, you’re a real one for not calling the police on us after what you saw going on when Balraj was taking a shower.)

Harjot from NJ - Thank you so much for letting us use your instruments for our mela segment. Your constant support is very uplifting for our team. Wish I saw you this weekend my man!

Romesh - Thank you so much for making our kurtey and providing us with so many accessories! If any team is looking to buy vardiyan look him up on Facebook!

Lastly thanks to all of the supporters from Michigan and our dancers parents! You guys brought the best out of us and we love you for it.

Red - Sunny Aheer and Karan Bains
Blue - Gurekmann Gill and Baltej Athwal
Yellow - Amanjot Sangha and Balraj Dhanoa
Pink - Sid Kundal and Prince Singh
Frozie - Arsh Singh and Chan Singh
Green - Simran Singh and Himmat Jagdev



As always, feedback is welcome! I’ve had a lot of people ask me what the judges told us. If you are interested please PM @Gurekmann Gill


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-Intro was cool, I know others might appreciate it more but eh just not my kinda thing
- The first 16 beats I'm just seeing messy formations. Green in the back is going down a little late and looks off and then the center people moving into the other formations just aren't moving as a unit. Right before the drop during the jumps, I'm not exactly sure what the formation is exactly because people are outta place.
- from a dancing standpoint SHEESH y'all ripped that shikka seg dear god
- khunda seg was pretty simple, if you're gonna go this route formations just gotta be cleaner and better spaced out, there are still times I'm not sure if some of the dancers are in the right spot
- 4:52 yo those switches, dude I didn't think simple jodi switches could look so damn good, that yellow dude murdered the jadoo singha footwork hot damn. Like right there formations were clean, people moved at the same pace and it looked gorgeous. If you had that formational execution throughout y'all def would have placed
-Right here at 5:14 look at the dudes in the middle, they're just coming in to make a line but that's not a crisp line, gotta make sure that people are in a line for it to not read sloppyScreenshot 2018-07-25 16.13.43.png
-6:51 I'll be honest y'all have done better drops, cut this out. It doesn't have that same effect like it did last year. We've all seen this a million times
-7:06 yo that red dude is having the time of his damn life and I love it
- Loved how y'all got into that chaal circle
- THAT ENDING shit I loved that

Overall I think y'all had a strong set and at times crazy execution. I noticed that as the set went on that strong execution in the shikka segment kinda fell off and posture and precision dipped. I think a big big thing y'all need to work on is just formational cleanliness. Y'all had a strong set but it can get kinda distracting if I have to focus some mental energy on whats going on formationally and not really able to just enjoy the overall effect of the set. If ya fix that, you're gonna place everywhere. Also yo fix your chaadar no one likes to see your boxers like us every time we spin lol

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You boys have improved so much this year and are honestly one of the most underrated teams this semester. You guys understand set design and have consistently gotten better over each comp. You guys without a doubt will only continue to get better moving forward and the placings will come. The biggest thing is you guys have to clean up the formations a bit more and watch angles at times. Everyone else covered the major issues that need to be fixed. Can’t wait to see how y’all do next year.


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Few things, but first and foremost, this is the best set of 12 dancers, in terms of dancing energy, cleanliness and passion that you guys have brought to a competition in my opinion. 1-12 your dancers were solid as hell.

Intro was straight fire. That stuff hit the entire time going into a super dope shikke segment was also a plus of your set. Loved the phummania sequences that you guys did was fresh, but wished you had finished the entire sequence into the ending jugni pose. Jhoomer song and choreo was pretty fresh, really enjoyed it, Sunny you straight murked that jhoomer.

I liked this set more than mela to be honest because you were able to maintain your identity and dance well throughout. At Mela, I felt like you guys just tried to "over-folk" the set and it was super messy. But this set flowed nicely and each segment did a good job keeping the theme of your set all together.

That being said, you can do all the cool and folk stuff in the world but if your chaadre are messed up then it kills the whole routine. I couldn't stop focusing on how i could see upper thighs and knees all the way throughout the set. Gotta make sure that you tie those correctly or it can have a huge impact on how people react to your set.

I also think that you could tell which segments your dancers liked and which ones they didn't. Those segments like jhoomer and saaps you could see modhe pumping and killing it with footwork, but there seemed to be more segments wehre shoulders were flat and footwork was low even though you guys still were smiling, if that makes any sense. There was also dancing discrepancies between jodis and the whole team.

Karan you did a great job dancing with a super energy and looking like you were having the time of your life but if you watch sunny he looks more relaxed and swagging it out. That could be said about some of your dancers too, Sangha dances with a bunch of energy compared to other dancers who are taking it easier but still selling it with their faces and swag.

But overall I think you guys are moving in the right direction. Keep chugging along and you guys could bring the nastiest set and solid 12 dancers to the circuit next year.


Yall were nasty as usually. Again I watch this set pretty often over and over agan, and I still enjoy it. You guys had the intent to win on stage which is amazing. One thing I noticed is the fact that stage could be utilized better. There are certain times like in khunde Chahal when formations were tight and clean, but drops didn’t do it for me because they seemed so tight. I know we had a problem like this at Burgh last year too. Anyway, keep ripping it ya filthy animals.