Raakhe Virse De (RVD) - Fall 2019 (QCB/Burgh)

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Kidaan BTF fam!

This past season, Raakhe Virse De (RVD) had the opportunity to compete at Queen City Bhangra 2019 and Bhangra in the Burgh 13. We are blessed and thankful to have been awarded third place and second place at these comps, respectively. Huge shoutout to our Blue Jodi (Prince Singh & Jaskirat Vig) on winning Best Jodi at Burgh as well! The links to both of our full performances and our official Burgh mix are posted below.

Both comps were run very smoothly and we had an amazing experience simply being a part of them. We would like to thank the board for working endlessly and diligently to provide us such a great platform to express this beautiful art form on. Without you guys, none of this would be possible!

Congrats to Royal Rockerz and Rangeelay Jawan on their respective placings at QCB!
Congrats to VSB Waris and First Class Bhangra on their respective placings at BIB13!

Huge shoutout to all the competing teams at both comps! Everyone brought their A-game and it was a great honor sharing the stage with you all!

We genuinely want to thank everyone who has been supporting us and sending love our way since day one, especially our parents and close families and friends. We promise to continue working hard to represent our hometown of Detroit!


Banti Bhullar - Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come tie our paghs and chadre at both QCB and BIB. You've always been there when we needed you and nobody can ever take your spot! Love you bhrava!

Legitamit, Teg Hans, PablaMix, TWEAKZ - Thank you guys so much for making such a fire mix! Can't stress how much fun we had on stage dancing to it. Keep killing the mixing game!

Nithya & Misha (QCB)/Simran & Aarushi (BIB) - Amazing liaisons! Thank you for making the weekend as stress free as possible. We appreciate all the times you went out of your way whether it was to grab us some snacks and Powerade or a nice tube of Bengay. The weekend couldn't have been possible without y'all!

Tony Bhangra Dresses - Thank you for providing us with such fire kurtey and phumans! If any team is in need of vardiyan, look them up on Facebook!

Red - Sunny Aheer & Karan Bains
Blue - Prince Singh & Jaskirat Vig (Best Jodi - BIB13)
Yellow - Sunny Dulat & Arsh Singh
Frozie - Amanjot Sangha & Jagga Sohal
Pink - Monick Mehta & Puneet Dhatt
Black - Simran Singh and Asis Singh

Please feel free to drop any critiques you may have! Feedback is always welcome and encouraged!!
If you have any questions, please message me or @aheer_sunny.

Full Performance:
*The QCB video is a recording from audience view and the Burgh video was provided to us by the board itself. Official GTV videos will be added once they become available!



Mix (Burgh):
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Hey guys, literally no one does this anymore, but thought I would throw down a review for yall. Congrats on placing.

-Some lack of standardization (like 0:56, 2:54, 3:32, 4:39), a lot it was at the drop where some people got a lot more hype than others, I would contend that everyone should just get up to that level
-Formation spacing was off at times, like 1:43, 1:56, 5:20, 6:27
-Strobes really took away from the drops
-Khunde overall was one of your weaker segments simple by virtue of some sloppiness and poor spacing (it was just tough to really appreciate the choreography)
-I think some of the drops could have been varied a bit in style, a lot of the faster drops had some similar choreographic elements, which while certainly integral to a team's identity can be predictable at times

-Watching this live, I had you guys pretty much at first.
-This set hit so well live and from top to bottom I felt there was great stage presence and energy
-Intro really set a strong tone
-Pretty much each dancer had their moment on stage, and that is tough to say about teams

Good luck with the rest of the season and congrats on the placing