Raakhe Virse De (RVD) @ Maryland Mauj 2019 (FIRST PLACE)


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What’s up BTF?

This past weekend, Raakhe Virse De (RVD) had the opportunity to compete at Maryland Mauj 2019 and we are thankful to announce that we were awarded first place. Below you will find a link to our full performance as well as our official mix. We genuinely wanted to thank everyone who has been supporting us and sending love our way. This experience has only motivated us, and we will continue to makes strides to improve as a team representing our hometown of Detroit!

We would also like to congratulate UNC and Rutgers on their respective placings! All the teams at this competition were fun to watch and our whole team is glad we could share the stage with yall!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the lights did not turn on during our performance until multiple segments into the set. While we were upset about this, we cannot express how well the Maryland Mauj board handled the whole situation. They cooperated with us and made sure the judges were aware of the issue. It was handled professionally and we are very grateful for that. Hella proud of my fellow team members for killing it regardless whether we could be seen or not. Below we have also included the segments that can not be seen in the performance so feedback on those is appreciated as well.

As a first year competition, Maryland Mauj really went above and beyond of their expectations and we applaud them for hosting such a fun and amazing weekend.

This experience would not have been possible without the help of some amazing people:

-Banti Bhullar and Jagga Sohal for being with us since day 1, and traveling with us to Maryland (even thought you bums missed your flight) to tie our paggs and our chadre. We really could not have done this without your endless help and support.
-Our mixer, KM (Kiron Mizanur) for working incredibly hard in the little time he had to make such a great mix! He was very cooperative and really came in clutch when we needed him.
-Our family and friends for supporting us through the hardships and struggles. We dedicate everything we do for you guys!
-Our liasons Alex and Kiranjit for putting up with all the bullying we put you guys through! We appreciate everything you guys did for us throughout the weekend.


Purple - Sunny Aheer and Simran Singh
Red - Karan Bains (Best Male Dancer Award) and Baltej Athwal
Blue - Amanjot Sangha and Arsh Singh
Frozi - Prince Singh and Sid Kundal
Yellow - Jesse Mangat and Shawn Matharu
Black - Monty Singh and Monick Mehta

*Feedback is always welcome!!! If you have any questions, message me or @aheer_sunny.

Full Performance:
*This is a recording of the livestream and official videos will be added when they become available.

Segments which could not be seen due to lighting issues:
*Baltej, Sid, Jesse, and Shawn are not in the video.

Official Raakhe Virse De Maryland Mauj 2019 Mix created by KM (Kiron Mizanur):
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Working with you guys was a pleasure. By far the best set of guys I’ve worked with. ??Although we had four days to pull it together; the overall mixing process felt really smooth and at no point did I feel burdened by the process. I’d do this all over again for the RVD fam. ?

Just want to give my quick thanks to the following guys involved on my end of this whole process:
• Sunny, Simran & Prohnce (Prince) for being understanding, advising and cooperative when it came to some of the tough decisions we had to make in regards to our mix.
• Also big up to Colgate Jesse for finding the sickest bloody sher in 2mins. Shit felt miraculous. He was definitely rewarded for it at a later date cough cough...?
• Thanks to the bro Bhoops for assisting me with the artwork for the upload and Vivek for mastering multiple drafts under immense pressure. Both of you guys are nothing less of the ?

Honestly boys, thoroughly enjoyed my digital week with y’all. Can’t wait to link up in summer. Much love! ❤

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