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The quote that I had referenced comes from the Bhradaranayaka Upanishad this is one of the earliest and most widely accepted and referenced Upanishads that exist. Summy made another of his bold sweeping, unsubstantiated statements when he said,

"The Upanishads are no longer widely accepted in Hinduism"

That is Bull****

The Upanishads, for those that may not know (Read: Summy), are not one collective scripture such as one of the Vedas. The Upanishads are largely post Vedic texts that either offer commentary, or clarification, about topics brought up in the Vedas themselves and often Upanishads are written based on non Vedic texts or scriptures and sometimes even based on lectures given by learned people. For this reason their is never a consistent author of the Upanishads and some Upanishads are more well respected than other. Summy with his style of often making comments based on information that he does not fully understand or comprehend failed to mention this when he made his previous statement.

Anyway here is the quote it is from the Bhradaranyaka Upanishad as i stated, it can be found in Chapter 6 section four if you want to look it up yourself,

" 'I want a learned and famous son, a captivating orator assisting at councils, who will master all the Vedas and live out his full life span' If this is his wish, he should get her to cook that rice with meat and the two of them should eat it mixed with ghee. The couple thus becomes capable of begetting such a son. The meat may be that of a young or fully grown bull."

I am not one to buy into ritual for the sake of ritual, so i'm not saying I believe in the boy-creating abilities of bull meat. I just wanted to provide an example of a respected text referencing the eating of not only meat but specifically bull meat in hinduism.