RIP Priya Balagopal


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Recently we lost a member of our bhangra community and I just wanted to come on BTF and share her story. She wrote everything out on her gofund me page. Everyone please take a second to read her story and also donate if you can.

Didn't have too much interaction with Priya but whenever I did see her we would always have some pretty interesting and fun filled convos. It was honor sharing the same stage with you on multiple occasions, you will be missed. Hope you are in a much better place. RIP


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RIP Priya! Prayers to her family & loved ones. Came across this from several friends on facebook. Ty for sharing here Ankush.


~ Basim :)


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Thanks Ankush for posting her story. Priya was an amazing person and an even more amazing friend. She always went out of her way to make everyone happy and she had the most wonderful contagious laugh. She also was very vocal and advocated a lot for the issues she truly believed in including mental health. She was never afraid to voice her opinions and tell someone they were wrong.

She is probably doing her favourite bhangra move right now in celebration that she has reached her goal within 24 hours and surpassing it with even more donations coming day by day and that everyone is reading her story. This is what she wanted. She wanted awareness. Priya, everyone is reading your story! <3