RU Bhangra @ Buckeye Mela 2020 [FIRST PLACE]


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Whats crackin BTF,

Here is our first place performance from Buckeye Mela. My co-captain and I had a blast making this set and we hope you do the same watching it. Special congratulations to RVD and FCB for their respective placings, it was a joy to compete with you guys. Thank you @wadz for the fire mix my guy really knows what he is doing. Shoutout to our liaisions Nikki, Vishaka, and Riya for dealing with our extremely uncooperative team lol. Thank you Cherag, Nimit, and Dilpreet for the feedback during the judges meeting.

Any and all feedback is appriciated!

Red: Roshan, Jess
Ferozi: Rutvik, Amitoj
Black: Akshay, Akhila
Orange: Harsh, Manmeet
Yellow: Anuj, Megha
Pink: Azwad, Roshni

Dholi: Nihal

ALSO thank you Bhoops Studios for the wonderful balcony video! I will update this post with more angles once they are made available: