Rutgers Bhangra @ Tashan 2015

Sunny V

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Hey Guys!

We want to give a huge shout out and thank you for the great opportunity presented to us during the November 7th weekend by Keshav and the committee of Temple University Tashan as we were able to show case this semester's set for Rutgers Bhangra. The whole weekend was incredibly organized and we hope to see this competition happen again in the future. We would like to especially thank DJ HsD for giving us an amazing mix that we absolutely loved performing to and our two liasons, Pranav and Harshita, for helping us throughout the intense weekend. A very big thank you also goes out to the incredibly clutch Sandeep for coming through for us and tying our pughs. We would like to thank the judges, Dilbagh, Ankur, and Bharathi, for their constructive feedback which we look forward to implementing in our upcoming sets. Also, a huge shoutout to the rest of the teams that performed during the weekend, UNC, UVA, Gator, VTech, and MBT! We had a blast with you guys and it was an honor to share the stage with you all! We also want to specifically congratulate UNC and UVA for the placings! You guys killed it!

Hope you guys enjoy the performance and any and all critiques are welcomed!

Jodis are as followed:
Red and Ferozi: Akash Minocha, Sunny Virdi, Sindhu Sriramoji, and Alisha Gurnani
Blue and Pink: Sahil Mehta, Simrat Grewal, Joti Dhillon, and Ridhi Parmar
Yellow and Purple: Akshay Minocha, Neginder Saini, Sapna Jhangiani, and Anita Mampilly
Black and White: Harsh Tevar (dholi) and Durgesh Prusty (chimpta)


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Here are a few things I noticed about the performance:
-Every dancer needs to fully extend their arms
-Jandu singha needs to be more pronounced and emphasized. As in, the lower arm should be chest height moving from one side to another, while the hand in the air should be extended out at a 45 degree angle.
-extensions of everyone should look the same on each move. they shouldn't vary unless it's deliberate
-the choreo at times seems too fast for some of the weaker dancers on the team, most prominently during the saap segment. In my opinion, the speed that's being added to the set isn't worth the loss of cleanliness, especially for a co-ed team
Angles need to look the same, for example during khunde when everyone's placing their hands in the air differently
-really like the creativity in the choreo of the set, a lot of creative moves in the saap segment
-also really liked the formations in the set
-form was off a lot of the time for a few people. make sure everyone's backs are straight and their chins are up
*Also when picking up props, make sure you're maintaining form and it looks clean. In addition, transitions between segments need more energy and need to be cleaner.


Loved your Mix!! :) [SIZE=78%]Beast song selection! [/SIZE]

Although sometimes it felt like you guys were forcing yourselves to keep up with the speed and pace of the music.
(for example: chaal at 2:08)

Choreography was solid in my opinion. Lots of great ideas here.

places like jhummer really didn't hit for me because 1.some dancers were chilling at parts (Arms down, legs not going up, etc) 2. the music seemed to rush the jhummer moves you guys were doing. (just my opinion)
Side note:great jhummer song. Classic.

Really enjoyed this performance! great job. :)


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In watching this I agree pretty much with all the feedback given. Choreo was a bit too fast at times for proper execution by some dancers. The actual choreo itself was definitely unique to Rutgers style. In terms of growth, or something you guys could do to stand out more at the next comp is to:
1. bring down the choreo so that execution is better (whether that means slowing it down or just working on execution at the current fast pace)
2. Amp up formation use/segment design. There were some cool moments throughout segments, but there was a lack of risks in formations and in segment design-by which I mean how the formations complement choreo within a segment-in terms of a build-up and drop. The set looked stagnant
3. Make your girls dance bigger. They from the start are much smaller in size than the guys and I think you need to work harder to make them dance a lot bigger-because they end up being hidden by guys.
Hope this helps-also mad props to the homie whose chaadre was way too long-happens to everyone, but props for not busting ass or getting distracted by it.


Watched this live and my first thought was DAMN this is a fast paced set. Everything through and through was quick and while it was pretty impressive, it didn't hit because dancer were not keeping up with the pace of the mix.

Coed teams have a bad habit of hiding girls in the set. Bring them forth and let them shine. It may require a lot more focus on training them to dance with the energy as guys, but once it is done they can win competitions for you (UNC has been focusing on getting girl's energy up to the guys, and slowly but surely its happening ;D )

Cleannn- no performance in my opinion will be considered great unless its clean, yes each individual dancer may be fucking sick, but at the end of the day you are a team, so dance as a team!

Jhummar - idk what/why the trend is for coed teams to be doing these very powerful jhummars (i think its just imitating independent all guys teams) however my PERSONAL OPINION is that jhummar should be used to demonstrate the grace of a dancer. Most of bhangra is so energetic, that its nice to be able to show the complete opposite side of that!

Work on jodi interaction- there wasnt many moments where people on the team seemed to enjoy dancing on stage with other people on the team