Screen Capture Recording Software

Hey guys, I know Neet and I have been meaning to do some tutorials for mixing. I did some awhile ago for my brother's friends, and while they help, they're not extensive.

I'm talking start from a blank screen and watch as we make the mix and then we explain why we do certain things. Start to finish learn how swizzee and 2nyce do it. Then I'll host some music theory videos on EQ and mastering and stuff. We've been getting a lottt of requests and questions since the album dropped and I think this would be a good time to drop it.

I know camstudio, but it's not what I want. Need something that will record my voice and the screen. Or a really good screen capture software and we'll dub over it
ive used fraps can vouch for it very clear. i used it to show my cousin in india how to do a few things... all i did was record the video and then edit it on windows movie maker simple ... btw fraps trial version sucks the full version is well worth it i think .. i didnt like camstudio much