Shaan Punjab Dee at Bruin Bhangra XX 2018


Hey BTF! This is our performance from Bruin Bhangra 2018 at its 20th anniversary. Congrats on Bruin for hitting 20 years, and congrats to FCB, DRP and BK on their placings.

Bruin Bhangra is a competition our team wanted to go to for a while now, and we finally made it happen. The competition weekend went well, mixer night was fun, it ended quickly so dancers could go back to the hotel and get enough rest. I understand there was a delay in tech time but the organizers got everything back on track as soon as possible. Overall, we loved being a part of Bruin's 20th anniversary, loved the hospitality, getting to know dancers from different teams, and competing against some of the best teams in the circuit.

A shout-out to our liasion, Harnadar! You were so helpful throughout the weekend, a bunch of times the team was lost but you got us back together. Can't thank you enough brother!

And finally a shout out to our hometown people. The ones that came with us to LA; although you were few, your screams, cheers and support made it seem like you were so many. And the ones who couldn't make it to LA, but came to our practices, kept messaging us throughout the weekend, and watched the Livestream, even though you couldn't make it here, we know the same energy that was in LA was brought out by you guys in TDOT. Thank you to all of you. Without you this wouldn't have been possible.

Finally, here is the video! The goal of our performance was to let folk teams in the circuit know that competitions like Bruin Bhangra, which are very modern, are also for you. Hope you guys enjoy! Comments and critiques are welcome.

Red - Prabh Saini & Jagmeet Saini
Blue - Gurtaj Saini & Inderpreet Dhaliwal
Yellow - Nishan Singh & Goondeep Cambow
Orange - Nawab Singh Dhaliwal & Harnaz Singh
Black - Jashanpreet Dhaliwal & Navdip Sidhu
Green - Karan Bains & Harjas Modi
Flags - Prince Pal, Jaspinder Singh and Pritam Pardesi.
Mixer - Puneet Pabla
Intro and Theme video - Faiaz Hossain
Background video - Param and Robin.


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Insane level of execution. Enjoyed the set design and flow. Happy that you guys won bruin, teams with gimmicks etc cant match the amount of thought that goes into creating such a folk set. Soormey, the NJ teams and you guys are all that keeps my team and I watching, keep it up boys!

Rest of the circuit, LEARN.


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What a great set. Balanced.

Reminded me a lot of the good old days in the circuit. Keep doing what you are doing. This type of nakhra, originality and natural execution is becoming rare.

Varan Rakhra

bas iko varr boldi dunali te doji vari VARAN bolda
Love the FOLK in this set. The execution you guys have is insane. LOVED the BIGILI gimmick. IMO what sets you apart from other teams in the circuit besides the high level of execution is that you guys know what your doing. Theres a deep understanding of the roots of bhangra in your set. You spent time and understood the stories behind the moves, learned them and made sure the team is on the same level as a unit to perform those moves. What may seem like a simple routine gets elevated to new heights when theres this much knowledge and understanding thoroughout your dancers. Good shit boys! #EhFOLKAa