Shan E Punjab Arts Club @ Rangla Punjab 2010 (GTVHD)


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That was a really nice performance, good job guys. The one orange guy who was lip syncing the words in the beginning, i recommend you don't lol, judges never take kindly to that and it looks odd when u do bhangra. The other orange guy needs way more energy, he was mad stiff the whole, move your shoulders a bit. Other than that, I really enjoyed watching it.


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Gagan-Gill said:
Yo Harjot, me and my captain have messaged you quite a few times and you haven't responded... whats going on?
I dont think anything disrespect or accusation was meant by this post at all. I think he was just wondering why he hadnt recieved a reply not challenging harjots contributions to this site. Everyone loves the quality GTV brings to bhangra and in seeing so one would obvoiusly love to see themselves dance with that quality of video. That being said i did not know that harjot did these videos for free and the situation your in is also very unforunate, i hope everything works out for you bro.