Shan E Punjab Girls @ Jashan 2012 (GTV HD) - Second Place


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We would like to thank Jashan committe for such a great weekend. Best competition in north america, hands down. They definitely treat you like their parohne and live up to your expectations.

Shout outs:

GTV (harjot singh hundal): for recording the video and it was a pleasure meeting you again this year in calgary.

GSingh (Gursimran)- thanks for taking out the time and making the mix. It was exactly how we wanted, and we recommend other teams to contact him if you need help with the mix.

Gagan pannu (our liason) - he was there the whole weekend with us and went beyond our expecatations to help us. One of the best liasons and chillest person on the committe.

Tony Dhaliwal (organizer): This was our third time at Jashan and this wasn`t different than the previous two years. Everything was well-organized, on-time and well managed. Keep doing what you do. Jashan has a long way to go and we will be there every year to support you guys. We feel like we are just visiting our family throughout the weekend and never really seems like a competition.

Mandeep Patrola (UBC) - thanks mandeep patrola for the constructive feedback after Josh Bhangre Da and taking time out of your schedule to come to practice and give some feedback and suggestions. It really helped the team a lot. Much appreciated.

Nachdi Jawani: First of all, congrats on first. Loved that you guys went back to folk and said no to gimmicks. It was fun hanging out with you guys throughout the weekend. Shoutout to Chan and Khush for bringing folk back to bhangra. Would love to see you guys come back next year at Jashan.

Lastly, to the whole team. You guys worked hard and gave it all you guys can. This is just the beginning and we have a long way to go. Just keep doing what you guys love the most. At the end of the day, as I have always told you, it`s not about the placings. I would be more happy if you guys take out something positive out of bhangra and learn something about your culture rather than getting couple placings.

We hope you guys will enjoy the performance, feel free to post any feedback and reviews about the video.

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-Mandeep Sarkaria

Shan E Punjab Girls @ Jashan 2012


Re: Shan E Punjab Girls @ Jashan 2012 - Second Place

Wow..that was a great performance, definitely deserved placing. Great job girls, looking forward to seeing more in the future :)


one of the best girls set iv ever seen, and all the girls with amazing nakhra ! seems like they enjoyed the set!!

and wats the song at 5:40??


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whoa!! prob best girls team i've seen yet top to bottom... also refreshing to see a girls team that doesn't play sapps directly in front of their faces.. looks so much stronger...sick performance! pink obliterated the ending