Sherniyan Di Sarkar @ Naach Di Cleveland and Championships of Bhangra 2019


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Hi everyone! Here are SDS’s performances from Naach Di Cleveland and Championships of Bhangra, we hope you all enjoy and we would love to hear any feedback that you all have. :)

A couple of shoutouts/thank yous:
-Pabla and DJ Kak for making our siiiick mixes, thank you for being so easy to work with as always <3
-Our friends on RVD, Furteelay, FCB, and Rangeelay for letting us borrow chadre, saaps, and jhanjar - y’all are lifesavers!
-Our liaisons (Varna, Akash, OJ, and Alisha), thank you so much for making our weekends run so smoothly :’)
-Simer for playing dhol for us at NDC, you da best!! <3
-Harsimran for playing dhol for us at Champs and tying our chadre bc we are incompetent hehe (we love you sm!!)
-Our girls on SDS (Janaki, Selena, Chandni, Disha, and Pallavi) who came to help us get ready and all of the other SDS girls that were cheering for us in the audience <3 Hearing all of you cheer us on made performing so much more enjoyable, so thank you!
-Our fam on ASD and FCB for pulling through (3 WEEKS BEFORE THE COMP!!) and agreeing to dance with us so last minute just so we could go to Champs! I’ve never seen such a committed group of girls before and we could not thank you enough for all that you have done for us!

Last but not least, thank you so much to Eric and Sheena for all that you do for us! We would be nothing without you two <3 And as always, thank you to our family and friends who continue to support us day in and day out!

Naach di Cleveland: (s/o to Mithin for the dope videography)
Blue: Herveen Singh and Simran Gill
Purple: Nikita Kesav and Puneet Gill
Yellow: Saran Kaur and Pavandeep Sandhu
Red: Sheena Kothari and Priyanka Ram
Pink: Ashmita Kaur and Diya Ramanathan
Ferozi: Manisha Nezhad and Ravjot Kaur
Dholi: Simer Singh

Championships of Bhangra: (s/o to Jordan for the video!)
Blue: Puneet Gill and Jemy Varghese
Black: Manvir Sandhu and Nainjot Mann
Yellow: Kumi Venkata and Alif Laila Tisha
Red: Sheena Kothari and Priyanka Ram
Pink: Herveen Singh and Pavandeep Sandhu
Ferozi: Nicky Misquitta and Saran Kaur
Dholi: Harsimran Mann
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I had the pleasure of getting to see both of these live. You girls are incredible, and I don't think it can be said enough how important it is for the circuit to have a strong team of women excelling at big competitions. Watching all the kids perform at COB and seeing just as many girls as there were boys is due in part to the influence your team (and other girls teams) has on the art. But what's more important than you being a great girls team is the fact that you're just a great team--period.

I've been to so many comps with you since Circle City 2018, and you've always been so fun and friendly (except for Ruby, who is savage). Can't wait to see more of you :). I'm at work so I can't rewatch the videos and give specific comments on the sets right now, but I just wanted to say how much I love your team.