Sherniyan Di Sarkar @ Raniyaan di Raunaq 2019


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Hi everyone! SDS is super excited to release our video from RDR 2019. But first, a couple of thank yous...
  • Our boys on Furteelay for constantly pushing us to work hard, letting us borrow chadre+saaps, and just being awesome people in general :)
  • Our Dholi, Simer, for holding it down on stage for us! #DholiOfTheYear
  • Pabla for the sickest mix anyone has ever heard, you really had us “Actin Up” all weekend ?
  • NJ and NPBA for letting us borrow chadre super last minute, y’all are lifesavers!
  • Our liaisions, Pavsee & Niralee, for being so helpful and patient (16 girls is a lot to handle LOL)
  • Phulkari Co. for designing and producing our team gear, they came out so sick!
  • Eric & Sheena for working so hard to make this set come to life ??
And ofcourse, thank you so much to all of the people who worked so hard to make RDR a reality. This experience truly has been a dream come true!

Red: Priyanka & Sheena
Black: Sharnie & Roshini
Ferozi: Nicky & Diya
Yellow: Ruby & Nikki
Green: Simo & Manasi
Purple: Radhika & Nimra
Blue: Simmi & Megha
Pink: Manvir & Pavan



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love me a good shimmy, @BradRosenblum can tell you- whoever the blue girl in the front was wrecked that chaal/jugni (judging by the way you dance I'm sure you're well-known, apologize for my ignorance)

lots of love to priyanka for out-doing me in this video and on many occasions last year and to all the girls for a stellar performance.
I agree this deserved some metal.

The only couple things I will say (and these are things I'm guilty of as well from a dancing and design-perspective):
1. staying wide when tired is something the furteelay ppl and FCB ppl we all learn from do excellently. This is something that as smaller people we can really work on. Locking your arms, pushing your pelvis forward, shoulders back and opening your chest PLUS widening your stance at baseline is gonna make a huge difference. I become narrow as soon as i get tired as a i suspect a lot of people do and since we have small frames we don't have that luxury.

2. from a design perspective i think it's important that things build up to something in every segment and that you can poinpoint a few big things and lots of little things in your set for a viewer or judge to hold on to. that can be killer execution of a simple thing, a novel subversive idea or amplifying an expectation. (this is something I've noticed from Sid, Ram M, Kuntal and Sumeet)
-Some of your segments hit beautifully and the drops and buildups have the desired effect while others are a little flat. This is something I am trying to work on also in my own sets but I think the winningest sets have 7-8 minutes full of things that hit every single time so that even if 1-2 don't hit you've got 6 that did.

overall love this and the trajectory of this team. humbled and honored to be your friend :D


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I can't comment on where I think you should have placed (if at all), because I didn't get a chance to watch the other performances.

I can say that this was my favorite SDS performance. I think this was the best I've seen you girls yet. A lot of girls are starting to step up that maybe didn't catch my attention before. At the same time, there is noticeable skill disparity.

Also, Simmi's jugni.


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Honestly I had no words for this performance by SDS, the execution of it from start to finish was amazing. Nicky and Simmi were on fire!!! Really think you guys should have placed but all of you guys were just part of a historic movement, that everyone is a winner who was there that night.... Pablamix brought the fire with the mix as usual. I honestly think the rubic for this compeition could have been a little better since seeing other performances that placed had some issues in their sets that SDS really showed in theirs, but otherwise wonderful performance i have ever seen from a all girls team and good luck to you girls again in future comps.