Sherniyan Di Sarkari @ Motor City Bhangra and Circle City Bhangra


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Hi everyone! Here are SDS's performances from the past two weekends at Motor City and Circle City. We hope you all enjoy and please send any constructive feedback our way. I'm unbelievably proud of the girls for all of the time, effort, and passion they have put into these performances and I am very confident that their hard work shows on stage!

A couple of shoutouts/thank yous:

-Our boys on Genesis for letting us use their khunde <3
-Our liaisons, Sukhman and Fabiha, for making sure our weekends ran smoothly
- DJ Baaj and Pabla for our beyonddd fire mix!!
- @srikarran for playing Dhol for us at MCB :)
- Double O Threads for creating our spring fan shirts

Congratulations to Furteelay, NJFL, and KPGD for their placings at MCB and NJJ, FAUJ, and MBT for their placings at CCB! We cannot say thank you enough to our friends and family for supporting us, none of this would be possible without you guys.

And last but not least, thank you to @SheenaKothari (for running our team like a BOSS) and @ericsingh3 (for spending all of his free time designing our set and pushing us like no other). We've only been a team for a year and the amount of progress we have made is crazy. It's only up from here :)

CCB Jodis
Red: Sheena Kothari and Priyanka Ram
Ferozi: Manisha Nezhad and Ravjot Kaur
Purple: Selena Patel and Janaki Patel
Yellow: Ravneet Gill and Chandni Shah
Pink: Susmitha Varghese and Puneet Gill
Blue: Nikita Kesav and Simran Gill

Front View:
Side View:
MCB Jodis
Red: Sheena Kothari and Priyanka Ram
Ferozi: Nikita Kesav and Simran Gill
Purple: Selena Patel and Sneha Rajgopal
Yellow: Ravneet Gill and Chandni Shah
Pink: Manisha Nezhad and Ravjot Kaur
Blue: Payal Patel and Akshaya Rajkumar
Dholi: Srikarran Sowrirajan



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Insane improvement since Clutch City and Tashan. Taking some time to get everyone close to the red Jodi's level (when I say this I mostly mean energy and completing moves the same way that Sheena and Priyanka did. Nakhra and smiles were solid!) will definitely get you guys some placings. I watched MCB live and thought you guys would have placed if it weren't for the unfortunate incident with one of your dancers leaving the stage. Hope she feels better! Your guys execution was a lot better at Circle and that really says something about you guys with so little time in between MCB and Circle to practice.

Keep up the great work! Really enjoyed the set.

Red jodi on center at 5:27 in the Circle video was DOPE.


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Incredibly proud of the squad for shattering expectations and pushing the bar both individually and as a team! You all dance for the right reasons and that passion shows - super excited for the future :cool: Just wanted to add that Baaj and Pabla ripped it on the mix and were a pleasure to work with for us! Highly recommend them to teams!


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I am still so unbelievably humbled and proud of what this group of girls has accomplished in such a short time. We can't wait to come back in the fall even stronger :)

HUGE shoutout to @priyanka.ram1997 for being such an amazing co-captain and jodi. You pushed me every single day to be better and I cannot thank you enough for that.

And of course, @ericsingh3, THANK YOU for making a dream become a reality with this team. I am forever grateful for the memories made so far with this team and cannot wait to make more very soon :)


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Just got by to watching the Circle video! All comments below pertain to that performance, front view.

Must say that I agree with Sunny in how you have succeeded in bringing all dancers up to par in dancing ability while building stage confidence in your newer dancers. Some small discrepancies exist (some saap extensions, noticeable footwork in specific dancers), but insane performances from first time or newer dancers. The specific nakhra additions by certain jodis (blue especially) definitely hit, and it would be great to spread these more across the team. In some instances, dancers were chilling near the back of stage in between counts, and certain people dancing strong in the front were slightly off beat , but overall great work with purposeful choreo. Ex: the drop into 2:44 was a nice buildup to a sick variation of phulke (one of the most hype parts when viewing from sidestage). Enjoyed the contrast of jhummar songs, but I do feel that having dancers in spot for about 30 seconds, especially such a strong jodi pair in front, makes this a bit less impactful for me.

The eight counts of downs in daangs and the eight counts of downs in saaps I think could benefit from more variety. Dancers do a generally good job of maintaining form through these, but eight counts of this same move highlights dissimilarities between dancers here and there.

Miscellaneous highlights:
:48 Simmi's wings flapping like she ready to fly back to OSU.
2:49 Ruby got her mouth open like she ready to go to Steak 'n Shake.
6:06 HAWT
6:45 I was kind of getting ending vibes when the drop hit around this time in the segment. Felt as if it were slightly abrupt.

Am definitely rooting for y'all in the future. Looking forward to where this team will go and excited for what's in store for your upcoming sets!


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I think ya'll have come a long way since your debut at Clutch last year! With that being said:

Intro - This choreo was pretty unique and cool.
Saaps - Wasn't a fan of the sideways saap clicks on the drop, woulda been cool as a buildup though. Overall, I thought this segment lacked impact. It felt as if everything was very hard and there weren't enough simple, chill moments to accentuate the drops.
Jugni - Blue jodi hit this segment pretty hard but there was a drop in energy from everyone else.
Next segment - I noticed you guys do round bedi alot throughout your set. I wasn't a fan of this buildup as the jhummar hits didn't flow with what was going on before and after the hits.
Jhummar - The transition into this segment was very awkward formationally because pink moved to the side and red moved to the front, it looked very forced. I didn't like the jumps in the middle of the segment, didn't flow well. I liked the drop.
Dhamaal - There was a huge difference between execution of center pink girl vs everyone else energy-wise.
Khunde - Wasn't a fan of the running at the beginning of the segment. Drop into chaal felt anti-climatic and simple. Cascade effect into baitkaan didn't hit for me either impact-wise.
Phumaniyaan - Didn't like this drop, maybe coulda hit harder with more formational movement.
Finale - I liked the drop into jugni. Also liked the jhummar hits here as they flowed better than the jhummar hits earlier in the set.

Execution/ Sync - I think you executed the set really well. I thought you guys came a long way in terms of sync, all the angles looked defined and everyone matched style really well. I felt as if I was watching a team dance vs a bunch of individual dancers. I think you guys have a very unique identity dancing-wise.
Formations - I think you guys can move around alot more. There were many moments where you did filler choreo in spot. It was also very apparent that you tried to give each jodi a certain segment, meaning that one jodi would stay front center for the whole segment and all the other jodis would move around. Alot of the formations looked like they were done just for the sake of having formations as opposed to adding complexity to the set.
Choreo - I thought the set lacked choreo-complexity. Consider adding more move variations/ combinations.

I can't wait to see what you guys put out in the future!


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Above all else, I'm glad this team has had the chance to experience multiple competitions since Clutch. Props to Y'all @SheenaKothari, @priyanka.ram1997 , @ericsingh3, and the rest of the squad for putting this together and keeping it going. To emerge as a new team these days is easy, but to last is a different story altogether.

I'm not going to reiterate too much of what was said above, but the team is officially out of the baby stage of their legacy and now it's time to start bringing trophies home. Your style seems to have developed into a way you would like and there are fire moments throughout your routine you guys can build off of.

The biggest point moving forward now is creating a set that your dancers know like the back of their hand. One thing I really enjoyed about SMD, which I also thought was really smart, is that they didn't make too many adjustments throughout the year for their routine, allowing them to have unreal execution. I doubt much changed between MCB & CCB, but really take the strong parts of this routine, which there are several (intro, the points @Jasnoor98 brought up, fulka breakout, etc.) and enhance the set to make those segments even stronger and more memorable.

Wishing only the best for y'all. Great job so far and know that the sky's the limit!


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A bit late to the party, but watched Circle City, general critiques for me were focused on standardization and formations. Formations were a bit simple in my opinion, they might have been simplified because of some other adjustments you guys were working on, but I think for future sets you guys could take more formational risks. I saw too many horizontal likes and "Y" formations. Having the formations complement the choreo more would make the choreo stronger
Execution was a little off among jodis, in each segment there would be a jodi that would stick out a bit in their execution from everybody else. I did like the modhe you guys maintained throughout, nakhra as well. Energy was in general solid, but there were people straight up standing/walking in the back or visibly taking a break.
Nice job and can't wait to see what y'all bring next.