Sherniyan Di Sarkari @ Tashan 2017


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Hi everyone! Here is SDS's performance at Tashan this past weekend. We hope you all enjoy it and we would love to hear any constructive feedback that you have. Also, if you have a video of us please email it to

Red - Sheena Kothari & Priyanka Ram
Ferozi - Nikita Kesav & Somy Sristi
Yellow - Janaki Patel & Selena Patel
Green - Ravneet Gill & Jasmine Ghuman
Purple - Pallavi Sharma & Krupa Patel
Pink - Ananya Tawde & Disha Kalyan

Congratulations to BDS and AEG on their placings and a huge thank you to our liaisons for helping us out and making us laugh so much this weekend!

Shoutout to DJ Legitamit for our sick mix (you had us singing Bodak Yellow all weekend) as well as DJ HsD and DJ Baaj!

Last but not least, thank you to everyone that came to support us this weekend. The support of our family and friends mean the world to us :) @SheenaKothari and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for our girls
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Most importantly: People need to get more on the balls of their feet when they are dancing, some people look very flat footed. Work on dancers stamina it was really lacking at the end.

1. More "clicks" or whatever you call actually playing the shikke, it felt like a lot of filler claps slash just add more variability in this segment. Need much better extension with the shikke during the clicks, some people are windmilling.

2. Formations got sloppy during khunde, I also thought you could have done more with it, especially because shikke was so short. Everyone needs to hit the jugni everyone should be as low as red jodi, some people are pretty much standing.

3. Ending choreo was hype. If every segment were at this level no question you guys will place in the future. I liked jhummur a lot too, I think you just sold it really well with some awesome nakhra. I think the rest of the set could have some more hard hitting drops, just imo obviously.

4. Love seeing red jodi, but add some variability to whose up front. Perhaps try pairing some of the stronger dancers with newer people to help them out while learning the set and might also help with having some different colors up front. Coming from a collegiate team I understand people are at different levels, but I think the goal should be to get each jodi to the point where both captains and the dancers feel comfortable leaving them up front for a whole segment and still being able to crush it (at minimum).

6. I love the phummun both the shoulder and wrist, I thought they looked real good


- It looks like a lot of the girls don't really know how to play shikke properly in double time. I would say only 4 of you are really getting proper extensions and playing the clicks on time at 2:38, whereas everyone else is either not opening up the sapp enough, fumbling with the angles of the mor chaal, or struggling to keep up with the beat.
- Khunde had cool ideas, but I think what we got to see executed was pretty far off from whatever vision you had for that segment because of sloppiness in actual prop handling as well as formations.
- I loved the gal ban gayi and phumaniya segments from a choreo standpoint, everyone looked clean and strong, but I would've appreciated way more movement in the formations. Jhummar was also so much fun to watch, and I actually think had a good amount of movement.
- End segment killed, but it was definitely brought down by the fact that there are plenty of girls that are hardly lifting their feet. Upper bodies are getting a lot of help looking big from those massive phuman, but legs just aren't keeping up.

You guys have some really fun choreo but there are multiple stretches of 8-16 beats where certain dancers hardly move, if at all. This is something I also struggle with when making formations because either the choreo we've come up with isn't conducive to traveling across stage, or because we're tempted to keep certain dancers in the front/back (which is a separate issue Nikhil already hit). A tip I got that's helped is to try and move every 4 beats, which sometimes means we have to modify moves so that things flow better and we can be more dynamic on a macro level. Idk if that helps, but watching this, that's what was missing for me from some of your bigger/better segments.

All this being said, I love seeing an all girls team that's just going for high quality, strong, solid bhangra. If you can get dancer quality/stamina up for everyone that's not one of your top 2 jodis, the moves are powerful, the choreo is interesting, and you guys are pretty clean, so I'm personally really looking forward to your next video!

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I think the biggest issue with SDS this time around is that you can tell who has been on stage many times in the past and who has just recently started dancing not that long ago. The level of dancing needs to be balanced out amongst all of you girls and then your set will hit that much harder. Confidence is something that needs to be taught to younger dancers. That is what differentiates a good dancer from a average dancer. If all the girls on your team emulate the red jodi's level of swag, you right there have quite the team. Other critiques include the "wow" factor of the set. In general, every segment has that one thing that pieces together the other moves that make up a certain segment whether it be a big drop or a alteration to a move that we have never seen before that was unexpected. I did not see a whole lot of that in this set and I think if you guys take those risks, it will make your set that much more entertaining. Overall I am glad you guys are continuing to compete and I am excited to see the next upcoming performance.


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I'm not going to critique your ideas, just give you feedback on improvements, so you can do this set better.
6:53 was cool though, spinning Chakri
your formations were fairly crispy most of the time, chorea was well thought out, actions, smiles, nakhra, it was definitely entertaining!
I think the only concern was conditioning of some of the dancers, yes we know you are Sherniyan Di Sarkari and want to represent that but, really I mean you put a lot on your plate with the set and is very challenging to execute, I'm sure you would agree too.
a lot of fast actions, complex movements and jumps around the stage. If you just work on further conditioning, everything else will fall into place, with move execution, form,
stage awareness, sync between everyone etc.. you don't even need to change the set, to be honest, it was good..,
the songs and mix good too. There's a lot of potential and room for improvement for dancers.
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First of all great job! I know how hard it is to train new dancers especially when they do not all live in columbus, and you guys did a great job with this set. So kudos to you for all the work you have put in. With that being said, i do agree with some of the people above.

Biggest pluses:
- 5:00 was so sexy, I replayed it like 10 times. At the same time, I think you guys could have exaggerated it more with a harder head flick or even a more condensed formation would have helped it hit a little harder.
- Sheena, Priyanka, Nikki - you guys ripped it. I would say that everyone needs to dance like you guys, but that in itself is a very hard task.
- 5:14 Nikki <3 nakhra on point.
- Intro choreo was really hot. I think this is just Tashan specific, but the poor lighting in the back took away a little from the fire.
- Build up into chaal was fantastic. Sheena killed the chaal
- I loved gal ban gayi. Yall destroyed that segment choreo and execution wise.

-6:14 I think the lighting really took away from this, even though it was kind of a transition between songs, normal lighting would have showcased the dancers better here.
- 7:28 it didnt really hit for me too much. Just feel like its been done before by multiple girls teams in different fashions. I think it needs to be a little more creative.
- I think you guys can be more creative with your formations. Besides Saaps, the rest of your set had V-formations and by that i mean that you formed some type of V or backwards V for the majority of the set. You just changed it a little by filling the V in with different arrangements of dancers, but still was a V.
- Stamina was a huge struggle. Yellow jodi and one of the purple and green jodis walked a lot during the set. Im sure you know but I think that was the biggest hit to your performance. Fortunately this is a problem that can be fixed pretty easily, and if you can do that, this set can be easily taken to the next level! This is kind of a weird critique, but some people were hitting steps at like 200% in the back when I guess they didnt need to and then when they came to the front four beats later, they were extremely gassed. Kind of also goes with the stamina thing. Ex. 3.17 one of the yellow jodis destroys the fast jhoomar but then just dies in the front.
- Facials I think were poor besides red & ferozi jodis. From the start, this showed who has competed before and has that experience compared to who doesnt. Cant drop them no matter what. Maybe just go over with the rest of the team how you want their smile to be on stage, because a simple picture smile cannot really be seen from far away on stage, unless you have an Ericpreet smile. ;)
-Lastly, and most importantly, fundamentals need to be focused on and set. The captains need to decide exactly how they want each step to look which Im sure you did, but you also need to make sure it is enforced and grinded into everyones minds, like Dhamakas, punjabs, lehriyaan, needs to be performed this exact way on this team. There was a lot of hunching that were especially apparent on behtke, lot of variation to steps when it came to posture, looks, etc. I know its hard when you have multiple out of town members, but its hard to look together as a whole when looks, steps, dips, style is not synchronized. If these last two bullet points are hit, this set would have had a complete different appeal to it.

Always fun watching you guys especially cause I know so many of you. Cant wait to see the next video and ill always be here cheering you on! :D