by Harkiran


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- Has helped over 40 teams get custom vardiyan
- excellent quality/durability for saaps, bamboo khunde, and other props

"One of the easiest and most efficient ways to get what is needed when its needed. We have had kanchian from almost any source you can think of and we have broken every single set we had, At least until we ordered some from HK, the kanchian are amazing and the flow is outstanding, not to mention the timing was wonderful. Vardiyan from what i have seen are best around at all the shows as well!"
~ Sumit, Bhangra Knightz

"We were extremely pleased when we received our vaardiyan. They came in right on time when we wanted them to! Absolutely astonished by the work the tailor has done on the vardiyaan. It was better than we expected! The accuracy was very precise in regards to what we asked for! Harkiran, you did an amazing job! Thank you so much!"
~ Sundeep, Drexel

"Harkiran provides the highest quality vardiyaan that I have seen in the bhangra scene, and she is very knowledgeable about the materials and designs. Working with her is relatively easy, and once the vardiyaan are shipped, they arrive quickly. I would recommend Harkiran to anyone looking for quality vardiyaan!"
~ Lavesh, Gajjde Gabroo