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I found this cool blog - here are two articles from it that I liked. I believe this is the same blog that had the story of bhangra ruining someone's life? I just thought these articles were fun to read, well written, that's all.

The blog can be accessed here:

The Last Larh – a Sikh man’s Kryptonite

Every morning I wake up with one question in my mind – how will my pugh look today? Millions of Sikh’s wake up feeling the same way and are itching to get their hands around that warm, soft and clean cloth. It starts off very innocently. One by one I stack my larhs, each one coming out as clean as the last. Slowly as my pugh starts to take form I begin to think that this will be it…the best pugh I have ever tied! No wrinkles, no lines and a perfect shape. But like everyone else I always forget that a pugh is not done until the last larh is tucked.

I innocently finish my fifth larh and bring the remaining cloth around to tuck in. Then I see it, “the cave.” My last larh has essentially broken into two distinct pieces. I quickly un-tuck and try again. No luck. I blast my puni partner for not doing a good job and try and do a mini puni on the spot. I unroll the end of the pugh and try again. Each time I’m hit with a cave, uneven triangle, or even worse, a wrinkly larh. It kills me that no matter how good the rest of the pugh is, the last larh always rules. It is like drawing the Mona Lisa and then spilling paint all over it every single morning.

15 minutes later as I look at the clock and realize I’m sweating, I decide to give in and tuck in my wrinkly, caved-in larh. The last larh again turns out to by my demise.

I’m a closet Patkasexual

I know society finds it unnatural and jarring to see an adult, Sikh male with a Patka on, and I just can’t take it anymore. I never could wrap my head around a Pugh, which in fact wraps itself around my head. I know people say that Pughs are professional and stately, but the sleek, lean appearance of the Patka has its own benefits. It hugs the supple contours of my head and Joora, creating a feeling of athleticism and youthfulness that we all seek.

In opposition to the new regulations that this world is trending towards, I think we should abandon the rigidity of the Pugh, and deregulate. Why can girls wear Chunis and Keskis? How come it’s so offensive for a 35 year-old father of two to wear a Patka to the office? I think it’s discrimination. So, in protest, we should get out of the closet to tell everyone that we no longer wish to wrap our heads in that thick, heavy cloth. But rather we want to wear the beautiful Patka without fear of discrimination. And let’s bring back the fond, childhood practice of our mothers and aunties tying our Patkas. There ain’t nothing Oedipal about it.

Piarpreet Kaur

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About the patkas... i have to disagree...


I respect... i mean, RESPECT a guy who ties his turban regularly. Its a gift from Guru and it is important.

A MAN who believes he is a sikh, wants to wear his "crown" and not a preliminary cloth around a jhoora.

The turban has a purpose. Guru said it, yogis said it (there is a chakra there that we specially use during meditation (chakra positioning), and during sadhana) and even its obvious that our head is where we lose all the energy from (why we wear hats when its cold? why we wear them when its hot?)

I would never feel atracted to a patkasexual... But not just because it doesnt look good (cos it doesnt) but because it is the duty of a sikh to honor his KESH.

Im not a big fan of these "punjabi super intricate pughs" but a parna is sexy as hell!!!! for both men and women, and when i wear it I feel powerful, I go to gurudwara and yes, people look at me like "what the hell is this gori wearing, why doesnt she just wear a chunni?" but I am honoring the equality that so many shabads talk about and much more comfortable and i think i look extremely sweet in it. All the gori sardarnis i know wear them and i think they all look sooooo cute.

the reason i dont keep it on after my prayers its because I dont yet feel ready for that step, I might wait for amrit or maybe just one day i will wake up and start getting used to it, but I know that the day i do...

Patkasexuals will be jealous... Cos i am parnalicious, baby!


patkas jus don't look the same once uve matured to beard age. maybe half-way done patka, but only if ur chillin or around the house. if ur in public/goin out/goin to work/school, u gta go with pagg or keski. patka doesn't cut it lol


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Tuckerrrr said:
patkas jus don't look the same once uve matured to beard age. maybe half-way done patka, but only if ur chillin or around the house. if ur in public/goin out/goin to work/school, u gta go with pagg or keski. patka doesn't cut it lol
i know! i now only rock the half patka when i go to the gym or do hangin' out late at night when on the fly, or to run a simple errand. man, times have changed!