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I recently started a YouTube channel to help teach Dhol to those that want to learn but don't have the resources to do so. Over this past year, I started travelling to the United States a lot and most places I went to, I've had someone ask if I was willing to teach them Dhol. To target the broadest of audiences, I decided to put myself out there on YouTube. It wasn't easy but I think I'm getting better with each video!

So far, I've made five videos but there are plenty more to come :)

001 - Simply Dhol - Chaal (4 Basic Variations)

002 - Simply Dhol - Bhangra (3 Basic Variations)

003 - Simply Dhol - Giddha (+1 Variation)

004 - Simply Dhol - Chaal Breaks (Thoreh)

005 - Simply Dhol - Introduction to Tirakita's

Hope you guys find these helpful!

Manvir Hothi


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Hi Manvir!

Welcome to BTF :) Thank you for joining our forum and sharing your videos.

I hope that you stay active because we have a quite a few dhol players from all over the world and there are questions that come up from them.. on various topics such as playing dhol beats, repairing dhols, adding a mic to a dhol, buying new dhols, etc etc. Would be great to have you give your insight.

Enjoy your time,

~ Basim :)


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Hi Manvir, I'm based in Cincinnati, OH. Seen your videos, am a huge fan.
Want to learn to play dhol. Wanted all my life. Your videos actually gave me the courage to learn. Can you guide/direct me to how/where to buy a good dhol here in US? Checked on Amazon, there are so many options, I got completely confused. Please help