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someone help me pleeeeez !!!


New Member
Can anyone help me please. i am trying to find a song now for nearly 18 years and i need to find it. Please someone help me please as some one will know this song. i am from manchester and i heard this song at my mums home around 18 years ago on a asian radio station and i am not into bollywood song or asian songs that much but this song was nice slow nicely put togther and sweet to listen to. its in punjabi which i dont understand or speak but i can undertsnad around 60% of what it is being said in punjabi. av been searching for this tune ever since i heard it and for the life of me i cannot find it or dont know what to search for or what the song is called and 18 years is a freaking long time and its doing my head in and my soul needs to hear it. so please some one help me and i will be grateful to you for eternityas you will literally do me a big big favour. i remember a few lines from the song thats all which i will write down here in the hope someone will remember it and know who sang it or what the song is called. as i said its in punjabi but am not sure if it is bhangra or just a slow melodic punjabi song. i am pretty sure its just a guy singing it with some music and its a slow song. the main lyrics in this song is as follows.( ignore my spelling of punjabi in english).... here goes....

tere nakhray badal geye aur, badal geye taur badal geye (some other word which ryhmes with "aur" and "taur"
(main chourus line) jawaani tah tah marey (and then repeats this line again,) jawaani tah tah marey.....

this is all i remember from this song. its not gangsta sikh bhangra song nor is it a bhnagra folk village song nor is it a tribal ghetto song. its just a slow musical lyrical punabi song. am not sure if the guy who sang it is young old very old. am not sure if its sikh punjabi, paki punjabi or hindi punjabior if it was sang by some one in india pakistann or in u.k or canada or america . i got the impression it was a guy in his 30s or 40s who lives in a city maybe in india u.k or usa and he is singing about a girl he likes who he cannot have or doesnt like him or did like him but has moved on with some other guy with wealth status and bling. the word which i wrote above " tah tah" i think means bling or lush in the sense ur beauty shimmers and shines or in that sense your beauty radiates class and opulence in that sense and its a common punjabi word. the main lines are the ones i mentioned above and then he sings other lines but after every 3rd or 4rth line he goes back to singing the lines i mentioned above. it has modern slow music so its not an old song but it mebe a modern version of an old song or mey just be a new song. please some one help me find this song. 18 years is a long time. i just like to hear it again and maybe i was high drunk or on a come down but this tune made me feel nice. some one please put me out of my misery . i would give my 1st born child if i ever decide to have one. no issue. but seriousy i would be grateful if some one kind find me this tune. i will post my email here "naspierce5000@gmail.com" so u can email me direct. thanx very much... hope to hear from you all soon. :)