Soormay at Bhangra Fever 2019 (1st Place)

Gurjit Singh Lalli

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Whatsup BTF,

Here is our First Place performance at Bhangra Fever 2019. Shoutout to Jaspinder, our liaison (Lovejit), and the rest of the fever committee for a well organized comp. We were coming off of back to back wins, and this was our return making it our third first place in a row.
Unfortunately GTV's Harjot Hundal was not able to attend the competition so he sent out a replacement, hence the difference in your usual GTV quality video. But nonetheless, Feel free to comment your feedback, We hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did performing it ! Kept it Folk as always ;)

Red: Shahi / Navi
Blue: Darsh / Manny
Yellow: Sunny / Qasim
Green: Gurparshad / Harsh
Purple: Karan / Grince
Orange: Gaggi / Pali

Captain: Gurjit Singh Lalli
Mix: Dj GSP
Dholi: Daman
Paghs: Rajvir Sohi

Here is another angle, with a closer view. (it is missing our Intro and Ending)

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